Latest technologies used in web and mobile app development at Techware Solution

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In this complex world of technology, creating a best app for your business is integral. Techware Solution has extensive knowledge in making web and mobile applications. Our execution handles with latest trends in technologies in order to make the software in highly efficient manner. We always use unique approach by combining the old and new technologies to develop quality software. an uncomplicated procedure.


It is a powerful platform for developing mobile and web applications - product specifically preferred for Backend as a Service solution. We have experienced team of firebase platform with extensive knowledge of Angularjs, Cordova, HTML5, CSS.

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Cloudant is a fully managed database service to handle global, flexible schemas for quick development. The mobile sync for both IOS and Android was included in Cloudant. The main features of Cloudant are Global availability, Data flexibility, Mobile sync libraries and Advanced APIs.

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Atom Electron

Electron is a cross-platform application shell to make desktop apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and has Node integration to grant access to the low level system from web pages.Electron is an open source project maintained by GitHub . It is a brilliant implementation of the native-wrapper-for-a-web-app concept that we see so popular in technologies like PhoneGap. One of the native features of electron is it is only available on application thread.

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Optimal Use of the Technology to Enhance Productivity

From the existing technologies to new upcoming technologies in development languages and platforms, Techware Solution always monitor and choose the best technology which is suited to fit all your needs and reach the objectives set out by you.