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How Are Big Brands Using PWA to Improve Their Business

Posted at 04:15h by Tessy Titus

The technology industry is making more investment in innovative web solutions, PWA apps are becoming more popular. Progressive Web Apps provides a seamless, app-like experience when you open a website on a mobile device. The small and medium businesses use PWA app development to create an app-like experience for customers. Progressive web apps give an enhanced user experience. Businesses have leveraged the power of this platform to reach new markets.

What are Progressive Web Apps?

A progressive web app is a technology that enables businesses to develop web applications resembling native mobile apps using web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. PWA developers use static site generators such as VuePress to launch highly engaging PWA storefronts. Progressive web apps run in any browser giving users an experience of a native app.These web apps can be accessed like any other application on one’s home screens along with providing users push notification.

How are Brands using PWAs to connect with customers?

The ease of access, faster page load ups helps businesses render a higher-level experience that attracts consumers.

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    Rising consumer Expectations: Users have zero tolerance for brands that have poor digital experiences. With plenty of choices, customers can move to other brands if they are not impressed from the beginning.
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    Native-like appeal: Progressive web apps give a consistent and adaptive interface across all devices. It also offers website benefits, such as search engine discoverability and availability from all modern web browsers. Additionally, PWAs can appear in the App Store and Google Play
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    Reduced resources: PWAs need only one code to give mobile app-like experience across devices and browsers. This implies that it needs only one team, one software platform, one test approach, one digital product roadmap to plan, design, create, and manage both a website and a mobile app-like experience. This helps to reduce the cost of product design, development, and maintenance and saving money for organizations by allowing quicker delivery of new features and bug fixes.
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    Adaptive: Progressive Web Apps are versatile and meet the new functionality improvements. PWAs are built for transition, ensuring that companies should avoid investing in mobile apps that need redesigns.
Benefits of Progressive Web Apps
Benefits of progressive web apps

Wider Audience: PWAs are designed such that it works for every user, regardless of platform. They are even responsive to fit different size screens. As they are accessible to a wide audience and easy to share through a link, more people are adopting it.

Speed and accessibility: Speed is very important as it is designed for smooth and speedy user experiences. PWAs are super fast because they use modern web development technologies and frameworks. It works offline also.

Better conversion: Progressive web apps give a better user experience for customers and better user experience means higher conversion rates.

Big Brands That Are Using PWA

BookMyShow: The well-known ticketing giant increased the conversion rate by 80%.

Flipkart: The popular e-commerce brand in India increased the conversion rate by 70%.

Pinterest: A prominent social media company rebuilt in PWA that led to the conversion rate by 60%.

The famous e-commerce brand increased the conversion rates by 104% which was a great achievement.

Daraz: A PWA Success Story

Daraz is one of the leading online marketplaces in South Asia with 4 million daily users that provides access to 21 million products in more than 257 categories. The online marketplaces of Daraz group are Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka covering more than 460 million people.

Techware Software Solutions developed a travel application that was launched using a PWA on ReactJS. The app helps:

Users can pay and manage their bookings within the platform

Operators can keep a track of promotions and order history

Analysts can access search, traffic, and transactional data

Sellers can offer and manage inventory through APIs.

We believe that with a flexible system that is easy to innovate and on a platform that’s built to scale up, grow and expand.

Do you want to create a PWA app solution for your business? Contact a progressive web app development company like us who creates customized PWA app solutions.

Facets of User Interface

Engineering a user interface appropriately maximized the experience of a brand's customers. We ensure the facilitation of optimum typography and graphic design technicalities along with implementing usable features.