Why Your Hospital Needs a Medical Consultation App : Development Tips


Why does your medical center need an online medical consultation app?

Posted by Tessy Titus

Online Medical Consultation App Development Company

Due to this COVID-19 global pandemic, people are connecting with online medical consultation apps as opposed to stepping out during this time. Thus, the drive towards implementing an appointment booking app for your medical centre is a desideratum.

What do you mean by online medical consultation app?

The On-Demand doctor appointment App will help doctors to easily consult patients. The appointment booking app additionally helps patients to connect with doctors through video calls. With this solution, patients can browse for general doctor's or a specialist based on their prognosis.

The impact of online consultation on your healthcare

Let us review what are the key features that you must discuss with your medical consultation app development company to develop an online medical consultation app for your medical center:

1. Registration: After users install the app, the first step is registration/signup. There must be a separate registration process for users/patients and doctors where they can fill in their required details.

2. Searching for Doctors and Booking Session: After completion of the registration process, patients can start browsing for specialists that they are searching for. During this step, patients have access to profiles of all the doctors listed to book an appointment. Furthermore, this page also displays the list of upcoming and previous bookings made with doctors which helps users/patients to keep track of all the information on appointments and schedules.

3. Scheduling Sessions: After selecting a doctor, the user/patient can then book an appointment for a video call session. In this section, the user/patient must select the time slot and date suiting their convenience. Patients can select three dates for scheduling an appointment with their doctor. After scheduling, the doctor will confirm the time slot that they will be available for and contact them as scheduled for consultation and treatment

4. Video Calling: After a session is booked and confirmed, the user can connect with their doctor through video call in that scheduled time through the app. The patient/user will receive a reminder notification for the appointment such that they can begin connecting with their appointed doctor for consultation. This app has an in-built video calling feature so users need not install any other 3rd party video calling app.

5. Calendar Tracking: Users normally forget their schedules, so the option of in-built calendar will show users the dates of requested sessions and canceled sessions to keep a track of all their sessions. In addition, the patients can book a new session using this feature.

6. Medical records of patients: The On-Demand doctor appointment app will help to manage the medical records of patients.

7. Diagnosis: This app includes the list of diagnoses that is divided into categories. This feature will make the treatment process easier by allowing doctors to save time and effort.

8. Storing pictures: If you develop a mobile app that supports this feature, you can easily attach pictures related to the files of the patient history.

9. Filling forms: This will help to simplify the process of interaction between the doctor and the patient.

10. Online chat: In the chat box, the patient can contact representatives of hospitals and medical institutions any time and enquire urgent questions online.

11. Voice message: A healthcare app that supports this feature can call a patient on behalf of your organization to tell any important information you want to communicate.

12. Payment: The medical consultation app should make the payment process hassle free by connecting payment gateways.

13. Services: It provides a full range of your medical services listed where patients can get educated more about them.


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