Beacon Technology and IOT in Healthcare


How Beacons and IOT Transform Healthcare Industry

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 Smart Hospital Using IOT

In this digital era mobile health has become an indispensable part of healthcare industry, be it patients or healthcare providers. Beacons and Internet of Things( IoT) in healthcare industry is an increasingly hot topic, but what will the future really look like? Can smart beacon technology lead to better healthcare security and compliance? Just go through some use cases for beacon IoT in healthcare.

Better Equipment and Resource Tracking
  • The Beacon and IoT can be utilised to keep track of equipment, log and monitor staff activities within hospitals. This can reduce the no of hours spent by staffs for locating equipments and enable them to spent more time for patients.
  • By applying beacon IoT in healthcare, staff will be able to know where equipments are positioned and reduce the cost of replacing lost equipment which can also save patients’ lives.
  • Even patients can also find friends and family and the available consultant through the Beacon tracking system.For patients, this means better and quicker service.
Delivering healthcare remotely

IoT will change the way health services are delivered.This provide a real-time monitoring of the patients, no matter where they live. Thus patients can reduce the costly hospital stays and traveling.

Wayfinding or indoor navigation for Healthcare Facilities

Ultimately beacons can support staff and patients through hospital indoor navigation for example by using a beacon enabled hospital navigation app users can easily find the entrance, exit, emergency room, cafeteria, patients and doctors room without any confusion.

Fetch Proximity to Healthcare Promotion

Marketing solutions play important role in healthcare domain reputation. Patients can receive tips and suggestions in the form of beacons push notification. In 3 ways beacons support healthcare marketing-

  • Personalized patient centric messaging.
  • Proximity or Location based notification.
  • Combine digital and offline marketing.
Internet of Things Applications in Healthcare

The ability of beacon like asset tracking and security passivity will make proximity technology unique in the future healthcare market.

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