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24 APR

Important Features of Online Grocery Ordering App

Posted by Tessy Titus

Features of Grocery Delivery App

In today's digital world, as there is huge demand for mobile apps, people are now shopping online be it beauty products, food, medicine, grocery items, etc.

In this COVID-19 pandemic time, people are buying all the essentials online and even the groceries.

So, let us take a look at the important features that you must discuss with your grocery delivery app development company.

1. Registration:

The registration process should be easy and user-friendly. The registration through social media login can be used for the registration process. Yet there are other options such as through email id and mobile number. When people log in with the help of social media, the options to share any offers makes a good advertisement method for the grocery delivery app development.

2. Listing of products:

Please ensure that you separate the grocery items into products and sub-products so that it will be a good shopping experience for the users. All the products should have a clear description so that customers get valuable information from it.

3. Shopping list:

After doing a deep research, if the customer wants to save it for later, then a quick shopping list in the grocery delivery app development will be very helpful. In this way, the customer can save the items for future reference. This feature can include options like favorite list, scanned barcode list, reminder list, etc.

4. Search:

This will help the user to search items from the on demand grocery delivery app. The search feature helps the user to reach their preferred item search faster in the list.


The GPS real-time tracking permits the users to track their order delivery. Starting from the dispatch to the estimated time for delivery, the real-time tracking helps the users to know the status of their order.

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6. Schedule the delivery:

This can help the users to schedule their delivery in advance. The customers can select a delivery date for their order while checkout. The on demand grocery delivery app must have the delivery estimated time to notify the customers.

7. Reorder or repeat order:

Through this feature, users can reorder past items from their account. This helps to make the ordering process easy for return customers.

8. Reward coupons

Nowadays, customers are always looking for discounts and offers. So, the grocery delivery app development must have this feature that will attract the customers into buying more products. This way, customers will get the impression that the coupons will get them savings on their grocery bill.

9: Push notifications:

Customers should be given updates about new offers or new products. The push notifications help the clients remain faithful to their grocery delivery app development company.

10. Recommended products:

This feature comes according to the previous search preferences of the user. Recommended products list is displayed at the bottom. When your on demand grocery delivery app includes this feature, it will keep the users engaged as they get as per their interests.

11. Good images:

For a good shopping experience, customers should see good 3D images of products. It enhances the visual appeal and they will feel that they are viewing it in real life.

12. Payment options:

There are various payment options such as card payment, cash on delivery, or mobile wallet. So, people can make the payments as they wish.

13. Shopping list reminders:

It helps the customer to be reminded of this list through the push notifications.

14. Sharing of shopping lists:

This helps the customers to share the shopping lists with other users. This way, customers can share it with their family members to know if anything extra is to be added to the list.

15. Offers:

When a customer selects an item, the other items purchased by the user in combination with the selected item are displayed. This will help to make the user search easily. In addition, it helps to display offers on combination items and also save money.

16. Comparison of prices:

This will allow the customers to know the pricing of other brands for similar products. So, this way users can compare the prices for similar items.

17. Reward points:

If you want to keep your customers engaged in your online grocery app, make sure that you reward the users with points or cashback for every bill. Moreover, you can send push notifications for any contest so they can acquire the reward points and use it later.


So we can conclude by saying that these features are important for your On Demand Grocery Delivery App. If you want to know more details about the features, Timeline and queries such as 'How much does it cost to develop a grocery delivery app?’, you can contact our team of grocery delivery app developers.

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