How to Start an Online Food Delivery App : Steps Revealed

25 MAY

Steps for a Successful Food Delivery App Development

Posted by Tessy Titus

how to start a food delivery app

During this pandemic time, people are ordering food, essentials as they cannot go outside. The food delivery startup owners should have a clear idea on certain aspects such as successful food delivery app development steps, target audience, comparing your idea with the best food delivery app, validate that idea with a professional food delivery app development company. So, here we have discussed the steps that you must take care of in the online food ordering app. Just follow these steps to make a successful food delivery service app.

1. Integrate these features in your on demand food delivery app.We have created a list of features that you should have in the online food delivery ordering app. Let's check these features.

Customer's App:

•  Search filter: Allow your app users to search restaurants, cafes, bars, by location and cuisine. This will make the process of ordering food extremely easy for your customers.

•  Order Placement: Give them with intuitive navigation that leads them directly to the check-out procedure. For example, let your users select and hence add their favorite dish through an ‘add to order’ functionality. From there, direct them to check out and payment process.

•  Tracking: The tracking feature will help the customers to track their food order through Google Maps.

•  Payment gateway: Make sure that your on demand food delivery app has multiple payment options such as credit card, debit card, etc.

•   Ratings and Review: Through this option, users can rate restaurants and write reviews about food.

food delivery app development company
Delivery Rider’s App:

•  Login or signup: Please check that you make the login process easy .Give permission to your drivers to signup in the app through social media networks like Gmail, and Facebook.

•  User profile: Drivers should maintain a profile that includes a photo, name, email address, contact number, photo, etc.

•  Notification alert: The drivers must get notifications for the new orders that are assigned. Even when the food service app is closed, they should get a notification for the order assigned.

•  Manage various deliveries: Drivers can manage multiple food deliveries at a time and hence respond to all the requests that are nearby to other delivery locations.

•  GPS integration: If the delivery boy should make a last-minute delivery and deliver it on time, then he should opt the shortest and fastest routes to reach the location.

Admin Panel:

•  Monitoring performance: Drivers, deliveries, cancelled or scheduled orders, and data related to drivers and restaurants can be very easily monitored through the admin panel.

•  Manage orders: You can manage every activity starting from pickups to delivery. So, this way you can easily manage orders and deliver them on time to the customers.

•  Real-time Updates: Get real-time updates and notifications about the drivers, restaurant owners whenever they update their profile, restaurant information, and also make changes.

•  Payment and commission rates: Allow the owners to set payment and commission rates and hence they can manage it directly from the admin panel with every single partner and make payments.

2. Identify your target audience: You need to understand who is your target audience. This will help in marketing your on demand food delivery app and also lead revenue generation.

3. Validate with food delivery app developers: A food delivery app developer will guide you through the technical aspects. So, you will get an insight into your app development cost, expert designing and deploying app knowledge. So, validate your food service app with an app development firm that has already worked on the same projects.

Importance of Food Delivery App at the times of COVID-19

As we know that COVID-19 is increasingly spreading worldwide, the lives of people around the world have changed. The food delivery services are one of the most essential businesses out there. As people are practicing social distancing, self-quarantine and not leaving their homes, food delivery startups is a necessity at this time.


So, now you must be clear about the requirements regarding the on demand food delivery app. If you want to know more details about the features, timeline and queries such as how much does it cost to develop a food app, you can contact our team of food delivery app developers.

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