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Popular Types of Online Workout Trainer Apps and How they make money?

Posted by Tessy Titus

How to build online fitness trainer apps

With the current prerequisite of social distancing as a way of life, online fitness training apps have grown in demand as they give the choice of one to one classes without the trip to the gym. But with many different types of fitness training apps out there, it can be tedious to figure out which personal trainer apps are worth downloading. Let us review the different types of workout trainer apps.

1. Appearance Oriented Apps: This type of fitness training app helps people to achieve the body shape they want. Users can find apps that connect with fitness coaches who create personalized fitness plans.

2. Strength Training Apps: Users can select the body part they want to train. Based on the user's choice, there will be short workouts, stretching, etc.

3. Yoga apps: This type of app helps users to practice yoga with many meditation and calmness exercises that users can practice anywhere.

4. Nutrition apps: This type of personal trainer app helps users to track their nutrition habits. While some users prefer tracking nutrition alongside their workouts, others prefer to count their calorie intake. This app will feature graphs and send notifications whenever a user has achieved a certain dieting goal.

5. Logbook apps: A logbook app assists in planning and recording personal exercise routines for gym training.

6. Activity tracking apps: Workouts can be smarter if a person wears an activity tracking device. These apps will track their exercises on a phone screen.

7. Personal studio apps: These apps help to schedule or cancel the training sessions. Moreover, it has a newsfeed and posts useful tips on workouts and nutrition.

How do fitness apps make money?
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Activity tracking devices prove to be a marketing tool for boosting sales. Apps that are not linked with wearables mostly depend on freemium models with in-app purchases and in-app ads. There are other options also through which fitness apps make money that is as follows.

•   Revenue through ads: Ads should be shown in a sorted manner and shouldn't pop-up regularly while the user is doing exercise.

•   Monthly or One Time Fee: Subscriptions or memberships are a prominent way to earn revenue from these apps. The membership plans are either yearly, quarterly or monthly. Different membership plans assist the users to buy them based on their convenience.

•   Paid Features: Paid features such as customized training sessions, in-app chat/call with the coaches, getting exercise tips from fitness experts.

•   Get sponsorship for your app: Sponsorship for the apps can work in two different ways

1. When users want to buy something, redirect them to the sponsor's platform.

2. Promoting fitness-related products and attaining a commission as users make a purchase of the advertised product.

The moment you wish to implement such a solution and be part of this tech-based market, be sure to partner with the best fitness training app development company that can build an efficient on-demand fitness training app. If your fitness training app is not engaging and robust enough, it cannot fight the tough competition of the current market. Keep these in mind and plan ahead.

If you have a great idea for an app and fitness app features, we would be happy to hear about it providing our app development! Feel free to contact us.

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