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How E-commerce Dominates the New Normal?

Posted by Anandhu B.C

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Since the omnipresence of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the term “New Normal” has come into existence. We all are witnessing incogitable shifts in our Lifestyle, Health consciousness, social interactions & awareness. Lockdowns, quarantines, isolated sheltering & social distancing led us to wrench our subsistence into New Normal.

Day by day we are getting pragmatic in New Normal owing to the looming threat of Pandemic. To be hale, people have deeply focused on Health awareness and this context demands flexible options in the availability of necessities.

E-commerce is already a highly competitive platform that elevated the Retail Workforce which is growing by leaps since the inception of COVID-19 impediments. The adaptability to meet customers changing needs paved E-commerce dominating the New Normal life.

Domination of E-Commerce in New Normal

The pandemic impediments restrict people from Direct Buying(Purchase of goods directly from Manufacturers, Distributors, or Retailers). This scenario propels folks to ingress E-commerce services. Let’s see how E-Commerce dominates in New Normal

Analyzing Consumer Preferences and Shopping Behaviours

The lockdowns have forced consumers to depend more on E-commerce applications including their daily necessities & groceries.

People have shifted their brand consciousness to more healthcare products (Masks, Sanitizers, Gloves).

The consumer is preferred to get the most limpid product details especially for Furniture, Electronics accessories, Footwears & Clothing.

Compact exposition of Products searched by customers is always endorsing.

Modernizing PDP(Product Detail Pages) with videos & augmented illustrations seems desirable.

Authentic communication amid Consumer & Vendor inclusive of Shipping & Delivery Estimates.

Digital Centres of Ecommerce Retail Experience

Web: Web applications helmed a vital role since the outset of Ecommerce.Now PWA (Progressive Web Apps) are imperative in web platforms.

Mobile: Native apps are the prevalent Ecommerce center which can be installed from apropos App stores (Google Play Store or Apple App Store).

Social Media: E-commerce services are proximately integrated with popular social media platforms that paves to suggest customer demanding products specifically and concisely.

The shift of Local Retailers to E-commerce

The rising demands of E-commerce from consumers is the stimulating factor for local retailers to get in on it.

Post COVID-19 pandemic people prefer to avoid direct Retail Visits.

Retailers can overcome geographical limitations.

Gains new customers driven by engagements & testimonials.

Many of them are now working or studying from home, they feel the necessity of purchasing their work & educational materials online.

Safety of Online Orders During COVID-19

According to the CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), there is only a low risk of spread from products that are packed and shipped many days before the delivery.

The World Health Organization said that it’s safe to receive packages from COVID containment locations & they state that the spread risks are low.

Experts find that viruses can live on surfaces from 3 hours to 3 days relies on material, But as the expert studies prolonged, these conclusions can be varied.

Corona Scares and Panic Buying

As the COVID-19 spread is declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization the people responded by stocking up medical essentials (Masks, Hand Sanitizers...).

E-commerce retailers have made use of Human psychological responses in these uncertain circumstances by price escalations.

Irrespective of Price Consciousness for people in Online Purchase sounds like a state of Ambivalence.

Panic buying is the autonomy in humans that paves to feel that they are buying to benefit their families or feel like they are smart shoppers.

COVID-19 Impacts in Ecommerce

Even after the COVID-19 effects quieten down in the US, 68% of shoppers are expected to continue their online shopping for essential goods.

According to Salesforce Research surveyed from more than 3500 consumers, 36% of shoppers went back to direct retail purchases until a COVID Vaccine is within reach.

Online Shopping seems prevalent to consumers in all income tiers as for their budget.

The contemporary statistics proclaims U.S Retail getting declined by 10.5% conversely E-commerce gears up to 18% growth reckons to thrive.

There is a 12.2% rise in Debutant Online Shoppers 65 and older.

Globally Groceries, Medicines, Homemade goods vendors online partake sustained growth throughout the pandemic.

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How PWA Contributes to E-Commerce

PWA(Progressive Web Apps) are competent since 2015 bestows high user engaging experience like native apps. Look further into How are Big Brands using PWA to improve their Ecommerce Business

Custom Ecommerce App Development

A custom app can be developed in line with how you imagine an E-commerce app inclusive of functionalities.

The uniqueness of a custom e-commerce app is salient and developed apropos business requirements.

A customer-oriented tactic is the cynosure of custom e-commerce to escalate user traffic.

Developing a custom SEO Friendly app drives search engine traffic with potential consumers.

Custom app designs offer user-friendly preferences that can be duly modified by a developer when required.

Each custom e-commerce app stratagem is entrenched congruous with the business motif.

Bottom Line

The contemporary digital ecosystem is above the prediction that facilitates the domination of E-commerce. The new normal shopping circumstances are endorsing online retailers & vendors. New Normal scenario depicts the elevation of folks in Digitalization backed by pandemic panics. Direct retail buying will attenuate in the future due to the E-commerce pre-eminence. Ergo, E-commerce domination will be a global ubiquity in New Normal.

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