Digital Signage for Salons and Spas


Digital Signage for Salons and Spas

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Digital Signage Software for Salons and Spas

Digital signage is great option to any business. Especially it is useful in cases where your clients may have to do some waiting. Make busy them by improving the salon atmosphere.Just captivate your customers with your catchy offerings. With an easy-to-manage virtual portal, you can make day parted and periodic scheduling, or make quick content alterations with a hardly any clicks.

The hair salons and spas are a retreat for people with frantic lives. This technology will give you a chance to UP-SELL additional facilities like Nail care and pedicures, spa facilities, massage, wedding hairdos, group facilities and much more.

Based on the study of Salon Industry Association, 50% of women visits hair salon every 6 to 8 weeks. 72.5% of people go to nail salons every 2 weeks. This reveals that for receiving salon services an average salon client spends between 30-60 minutes. How can you utilise this valuable time to generate additional revenue.Here comes the usage of digital Signage. Your clients are an imprisoned audience as they have to wait, and you'll need to do something to keep them engaged, if not amused.

The Benefits of Salon Signage

In this new media age, what used to be a poster presentation case with a backlit or else frontlit poster is nowadays a rather large LCD or plasma video display .It connects ANY message you want to your clients and delivers media for less money .It gives greater impact than other print alternatives. Just go through some of the items you can show using digital signage at the salon and spa:

Salon Digital Menu Boards
  • These are the boards with changing hair style images can capture the attention of the customers those who are inside and outside the salon.
  • In addition to your basic services, digital menu boards can be a tool to upsell your higher margin products and services.
  • It informs services such as hair dealings, highlights, and pedicures, facials, also peels, tans, massages, wraps, waxes, and thorough makeovers. Waiting Room digital signage screen with marketing contents.
  • The messages are conveyed together with live TV and news feeds, confirming that the content leftovers interesting and up-to-date.
  • This spot can give your users the ability to find out about new events and cosmetic products you trade.
Client education
  • People love to buy things, but they are not aware of like being sold to. They want information, but they want to receive it in a way that feels authorizing to them.
  • The digital signage is a natural way to convey information about product difference, in a manner that people are accustomed to receiving.
In-store promotions
  • In-store digital signage provides the retailer much more control and elasticity with these promotions.
  • As the Campaigns can be restricted to a specific region within the store. Also, they can be directed based on time-of-day plus day-of-week.
Electronic Touch Screen Doorkeeper
  • You can run menu driven products and facilities, fashion information, multimedia files, beautifying product information, course videos.
  • This can raise your cosmetic in-store sales, by given that product details and seller commercials on the screen.
Networked Video walls
  • The video wall for the waiting is the most active way to encourage in-house aids. It changes your empty walls places into living and eye-catching advertising and enlightening digital display walls.
  • This will alter the outlook of the facility and always engage customers with information linked to the services they are coming up for.

Digital Signage software is a very powerful tool to inform and amuse your clients. There is a great facility of a range of screens which can be used in the window or else the interior. On the screens you can display videos otherwise still images and can even benefit you put something together.It can be played remotely with a cloud based Digital Signage software.

Techware Solution makes an opportunity for marketing your salon business and gives an edge over your competitors.We change your salon to a classy and money-making business with digital technology, brightness is the key to the success and we have the implements you need to alter your outlook. Apart from digital signage software for the beauty industry, we are having salon booking software and salon mobile apps also.

Schedule a demo with our digital signage specialist about your specific salon or spa requirement.

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