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02 JAN

How to use Chatbots for Marketing and Sales Purposes

Posted by Ahalya VS


Chatbots are capable of collecting the data of customer information. Most of the organisations have already adopted the implementation of chatbots in marketing and sales If you want to know what are chatbots and how does it work and why your business need a chatbot what are chatbots and how does it work and why your business need a chatbot

Benefits of using chatbots for marketing and sales.

AI-powered chatbots are the most powerful weapons in bot technology for marketers today, interfaced and programmed with the exquisite features. The key features of chatbots that makes the chatbots the main communication channel.

chatbot for sales
  • Increased sales:
    The sales rate could be increased with the implementation of sales chatbot or sales assistant bot since they can help in the analysing sales rate and assisting sales process..
  • Analysing annual report of marketing:
    Chatbots also help in analysing and preparing an annual report that helps the organization to upgrade and advance with the competitors.
  • The importance in creating a customer relationship:
    Customer relationship management (CRM) has a major role in developing the leads.
  • Reducing customer acquisition cost(CAC):
    Reducing CAC is one of the biggest challenges in marketing. CAC is the customer acquisition cost which is a combination of total sales and marketing cost. Therefore most of the successful Multinational companies are on a run to reduce the cac which would include the salaries, bonuses and other overhead expenses. AI sales bots have a major role in reducing this cost.
Defining the 5 C’s of Chatbot in marketing.
  • Consistent :
    Chatbots always show a consistent personality to the entire systems. Even if they are installed as messenger apps, they are consistent throughout any conversation that, they can reuse in any further conversations.
  • Context-driven:
    The context of conversion is complex to maintain. And bot conversations are always simple but powerful in terms of a smart chatbot its way of built.
  • Compatible:
    Chatbots are way much compatible in their own way of implementation.
  • Conversational:
    Chatbots are truly conversational, especially for those built on advanced algorithms using NLP (Natural Language Processing).
  • Cost effective:
    Chatbots have huge benefits over reducing the cost of customer service. The necessity of chatbots are more in case of customer service. Chatbots are capable of learning from each interaction they do.
How chatbots make a huge difference in lead generation

Automated Chatbots are the most powerful programmes for lead generation. The amount of all the information that is collected by the chatbots is astonishing. They often take conversational approach. Best chatbots can lift the burden of the sales team. Chatbots are capable of increasing the lead generation and simultaneously decreasing the effort and time. Since chatbots are two-way communication, and also lead generation can be swift because they can be followed up quickly. Data collection is more effective when it comes to marketing since they are capable of automating the electronic data.

How Techware helps in achieving the successful goals in marketing

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Facets of User Interface

Engineering a user interface appropriately maximized the experience of a brand's customers. We ensure the facilitation of optimum typography and graphic design technicalities along with implementing usable features.