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11 OCT

What is a Chatbot and How Does it Work

Posted by Ahalya VS

How do Chatbots work?

Chatbots are self-automated software which resembles each activity of the human using artificial intelligence. Chatbots are preprogrammed with a set of data. Since smart phones are ruling today's world, interacting with a chatbot is not such a complex task.

They become the imitators of human conversations over the internet and have multiple implementations. The immediate responses makes the chatbots more friendly to the users.

How do a chatbot learn?

Chatbots learns on Natural Language Processing or NLP and artificial intelligence. Chatbots have predefined set of data in which they uses tokenization method to sort the text. NLP Chatbots uses advanced algorithms such as Naive Bayes Algorithms for text classification.

chatbots and natural language processing technology

The given set of input text is broken by the language processor. And then they are moved for an entity recognition step,continuing to the normalization process. Verbal meanings of the input text are also differentiated using parts of speech tagging followed by a parsing and sentimental analysis.

Apart from the complexity in the technical side of this application software, the user side is less complex and stress-free that the customers feel like they are totally in a conversation with the a real human.

What are the essential features of a chatbot?

The essential features of a chatbot is more than a handful. Some of the exquisite features are :

  • Usability : Since chatbots are months old in technological field they are comprised of the most advanced software tools. Chatbots are easy to use and they have proven that they are less complex during interactions. Chatbots invites each users with an open virtual arms to assist the customers and enhance the business strength.
  • Adaptability: Chatbots are preserved from a welcome greetings with the pleasant tone till the goodbye wishes that pleases any customers. They can be even customised accordingly in future that can meet the ever-changing needs of any business.
  • Flexibility: Chatbots are very well adaptable in any platforms and they sustain within the platforms so gently.Chatbots are flexible enough to engage in any platforms, since the medium of the customers can be iOS,Android or Windows. Smartphones are the most popular electronic device that most people uses, having a chatbot within a smartphone is an innovative idea.
  • Intelligence: The intelligence of an ideal chatbot is next to outstanding technology. Since a good chatbot should always stand out when it comes to context, provide multiple solutions, liberal to recognition of slangs and idioms,and multilingual provisions. In short the chatbot should be capable having a bright conversation to the customer level.
  • Analytical capabilities: A highly efficient chatbot is a groundswell of knowledge that the customers should be satisfied with all the in-depth data and information that chatbot gathers from its intelligence predefined by its master.
How can chatbot bring drastic changes in business?

An ideal chatbot can bring huge changes in any business. Since chatbots can become a 24*7 assistant to your customers without any extra complications or cost. They become your personal assistants that can assist each of your customers and maintains a good client-company interaction and makes the business process well synchronised. A chatbot is responsible for improving the performance of business.Chatbots are helpful in integrating the business as they are capable of handling the different departments or having high knowledge of products.

Even though the bot revolution is in its early phase, a lot more advancements is expected in this field in the future. Thus chatbots play a major role in improving the business quality with all the tech-savvy customers. Foreseeing this immense potential of chatbots on various fields ,all organizations are keen on developing chatbots. And if you think that an ideal chatbot technology can bring changes to your business, then Techware Software Solutions is the right decision to the next generation future.Talk to our AI specialist today itself

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