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28 SEP

How E-commerce Dominates the New Normal?

Posted at 8:30h in App Development by Anandhu B.C

Since the omnipresence of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the term “New Normal” has come into existence. We all are witnessing incogitable shifts in our Lifestyle, Health consciousness, social interactions & awareness. Lockdowns, quarantines, isolated sheltering & social distancing led us to wrench our subsistence into New Normal.

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25 AUG

How Are Big Brands Using PWA to Improve Their Business

Posted at 04:15h in Tessy Titus

The technology industry is making more investment in innovative web solutions, PWA apps are becoming more popular. Progressive Web Apps provides a seamless, app-like experience when you open a website on a mobile device. The small and medium businesses use PWA app development to create an app-like experience for customers.

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E-Learning Mobile App Development: Bringing Change In Education

Posted at 10:30h in App Development by Tessy Titus

Today, educational apps for students, kids and teachers are gaining popularity worldwide, especially as the pandemic continues to rise. Universities and schools have adopted virtual classrooms to ensure a continuous educational process.

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On Demand Delivery Apps: Types and Development

Posted at 10:30h in App Development by Tessy Titus

Today, on-demand delivery apps resolve the daily problems of average people with smart solutions. On demand delivery app infers to a mobile application.

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Popular Types of Online Workout Trainer Apps and How they make money?

Posted at 01:30h in App Development by Tessy Titus

With the current prerequisite of social distancing as a way of life, online fitness training apps have grown in demand as they give the choice of one to one classes without the trip to the gym.

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Why does your medical center need an online medical consultation app?

Posted at 04:30h in App Development by Tessy Titus

Due to this COVID-19 global pandemic, people are connecting with online medical consultation apps as opposed to stepping out during this time.

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25 MAY

Steps for a Successful Food Delivery App Development

Posted at 07:30h in App Development by Tessy Titus

During this pandemic time, people are ordering food, essentials as they cannot go outside. The food delivery startup owners should have a clear idea on certain aspects such as

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07 MAY

Online Pharmacy App and Website Development Company in India

Posted at 07:30h in Business by Tessy Titus

Build an on-demand medicine ordering and delivery app and website which can transform the whole scenario of Online Pharmacy Business.

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24 APR

On Demand Grocery Mobile app Development Company

Posted at 03:30h in Business by Tessy Titus

We deliver fully-featured on demand grocery delivery mobile application development services for online grocery delivery startup companies, supermarket chains and grocery aggregators.

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04 JAN

Things to Consider while Developing Mobile Apps for your Business

Posted at 06:15h in Business by Admin

In this mobile era currently, 77% of the world's population is online. With the rising popularity of smartphone users, it is worst for every entrepreneur to develop mobile apps that add an edge to their business. Whether it may be transport, retail, marketing, healthcare, industrial, education and much more, it is worth for every business to invest in mobile app development to stay connected with your customers.

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15 OCT

The most dominant trends in the field of Mobile App Development

Posted by Shaun Williams

The mobile app industry is very close to experiencing a massive transition.This transition promises a complete restructuring of the manner in which mobile apps have been currently serving their customers to date.

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04 OCT

What is a Chatbot and How to Use it For Your Taxi Business

Posted by Sumeera

A Chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that can simulate a conversation with a user in natural languages. The conversation can be made through a website, mobile application or even through a telephone.

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App Store Connect Update - Addition of Arabic and Hebrew languages

Posted by Sumeera

The wait is finally over. Apple Store Connect has officially announced the addition of Arabic and Hebrew languages. Now you can easily perform App localisation to your apps in Arabic and Hebrew languages.

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30 MAY

Is This the Best Time to Make a Cricket Mobile App?

Posted by Sumeera

Right now is the right time to get a Cricket Mobile app developed because ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 schedule announced. Cricket is one of the most entertained game in history.

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11 MAR

Use Cases for Chatbots in Banking

Posted by Ahalya VS

Chatbots have a major role in the digital world. They have numerous use-cases in the banking business. One of the major use cases is in the banking field is personal banking. Banking can be completely digitized through chatbots to engage the customers and productivity.

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04 MAR

How to kickstart an online mobile betting app?

Posted by Ahalya VS

More than a decade ago, the online betting or gambling process came into limelight. People find it more risky to visit any online websites or physical shops to do betting activities. Betting is an old age traditional process which has took a complete transformation into a digital world of gambling where gamblers can win or lose within a single tap.

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11 FEB

What are the benefits of having a Real Estate Mobile App?

Posted by Ahalya VS

Real estate is a leading business sector. Introducing an app to in real estate field can improve the quality and efficiency of the real estate business. It's time for agents and clients to take up and setup this marketing advantage tool.Gone are the days where people have to visit the properties directly for buying. We live in the era where people are totally dependent on mobile apps. The rate of mobile searches have immensely increased over desktop searches.The emergence of real estate mobile apps can bring positive changes to both buyers and sellers.

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21 JAN

Why you should Build Chatbots for your Real Estate Business ?

Posted by Ahalya VS

Chatbots implementation can improve the real estate business.They have a major role in increasing the real estate business leads. The rise of chatbots in this field could improve the lead generation and is completely easy for both the buyers and sellers.

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02 JAN

How to use Chatbots for Marketing and Sales Purposes

Posted by Ahalya VS

Chatbots are capable of collecting the data of customer information. Most of the organisations have already adopted the implementation of chatbots in marketing and sales If you want to know what are chatbots and how does it work and why your business need a chatbot

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03 DEC

Why Chatbots are Important for eCommerce Business?

Posted by Ahalya VS

Chatbots are one of the most commonly used automated programmes, adopted by almost all industries. They perform repetitive and mundane work at faster rate than human. Chatbot for ecommerce website have a major role in the platform.

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19 NOV

How Chatbots are Transforming Insurance Industry

Posted by Ahalya VS

Automation in every sector is the need of the hour.Most of the companies have already adopted the implementation of chatbots. One of the main field in introducing chatbot technology is the insurance industry. Insurance industries comes with multiple questionnaires most of them are monotonous and drawn-out.

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11 OCT

What is a Chatbot and How Does it Work

Posted by Ahalya VS

Chatbots are self-automated software which resembles each activity of the human using artificial intelligence. Chatbots are preprogrammed with a set of data. Since smart phones are ruling today's world, interacting with a chatbot is not such a complex task.They become the imitators of human conversations over the internet and have multiple implementations. The immediate responses makes the chatbots more friendly to the users.

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10 SEP

Why Your Business Needs a Chatbot

Posted by Ahalya VS

Chatbots have multiple purpose one of the main purpose is that they can help in giving a huge customer support. Almost every brands are hung on social media, chatbots are chosen over such a platform because most of the customers are lively active.

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09 AUG

Beacons and Digital Signage – What the future has in retail store

Posted at 10:20 by Sumeera

With the advancement of a mobile device, digital signage has full-grown from substituting posters with LCD screens .Digital signage on its own has facilitated increase brand awareness, improve in-store experience. Actual digital signage is built on a wide-ranging media strategy that offers brands with bottomless insights on their customer base, letting them to match the target audience with the right message at the right place, at the right time. At this point beacons arise into the picture.

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30 APR

How a Mobile App and IoT can Change the Insurance Industry

Posted at 10:20 in Mobile App Development by Nisha

In this digital world, we can't imagine a life without smartphones. Smartphones are really useful and have revolutionized our lives in so many ways. People have become more dependent on their mobile devices, so in order to kill the fears of customers and to make an edge over your competitors, it has become vital importance for the insurance industry to adopt new mobile technology with their customer's needs in mind. Mobile apps and IoT, therefore, the right choice for insurers to improve the ROI and empower you to gain their customers' trust.

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23 APR

Importance of a Library Management System

Posted at 10:30 in Beacon Technology by Nisha

A library is a pool of sources of information. This similar resources had made a well-defined community including readers, students etc to refer or to borrow the book more conveniently. The Library Management System Software for Library Management is used to find books and access journals easily. The library automation system automates the typical procedures of libraries and reduces the workload for library staffs. It makes the consistency of the record and the standard quality. When people value information more and more, the information industry got developed and the technology changed the expectations of library patrons. It gives both an opportunity and challenge to the libraries. The integrated library system is used to manage the more-complex activities and it enables the librarian to manage library resources in a more effective way to save time and effort.

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16 APR

Everything You Need to Know about Mobile Application Testing

Posted at 09:00 in Mobile App Development by Nisha

Now a mobile application is a key to the digital world an the world of mobile applications is overcrowded. If you are planning to develop a mobile app then it is great, but why your business needs a mobile app, how you are going to build it? What are the things to consider while developing a mobile app? These are some questions you must ask yourself before making a decision to develop a mobile app. Also, you should know that the quality of mobile apps should not be compromised due to the increasing numbers. In fact, you should ensure that your mobile app which is developed is useful, quality assured and easy to use. A mobile application testing is always used to ensure the quality of an app developed. But it is more complex and varies from testing a web app and traditional desktops.

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09 APR

Mobile App for Casino Marketing

Posted at 09:20 in Mobile App Development by Nisha

Casinos and Gaming centers are now looking for new ways to reach and engage players through their smartphone. However, as fast as the technology grows, it is very hard to keep up with the new trends in mobile technology, which is developing at an incredible rate. The gaming industry is keenly aware of this and has been quickly focused on finding new technologies to modify their marketing strategies and their casino environment. Some of the casino and gaming operators, service providers, brands, and marketers have already started to leverage a mobile app for their marketing. Do your casino or gaming center need a mobile app?

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02 APR

Why Fitness Centre Should Adopt Beacon Technology?

Posted at 11:10 in Beacon Technology by Nisha

Gyms and Fitness centres are now facing a huge competition from flexible workout technology, that is now more accessible to customers than ever before. Based on the review from business intelligence firm IBISWorld, gyms, health, and fitness centres will look to offset high capital costs and increased competition by reducing labor costs. Enhancing customer engagement with reducing labor expenses is the winning routine for fitness centres who were looking to increase their revenues. The trending beacon technology is the right way to achieving this results.

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26 MAR

Beacon Apps For Zoos And Theme Parks

Posted at 10:40 in Beacon Technology by Nisha

Make your visitors surprised when next time they visit your zoo or theme park and are greeted not by a human but by a technology and during the whole tour they don’t even come across the human interference neither to gain information about an animal nor to locate new ride, friends etc. A thrilling experience, isn’t it? Yes, use beacon technology to escalate your visitor experience and improve their interaction level. There is a lot of cool things that you can do with a proximity beacon in your Theme park or Zoo, like track visitors movements, promote food sales and any other thing sold within the Theme Park or Zoo etc. If you are trying to build a direct relationship with your visitors for long. Beacons engaging mobile app is the best choice for you.

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19 MAR

Mobile Apps for Hotel or Hospitality Industry

Posted at 09:05 in Mobile App Development by Nisha

In this digital age smartphones are everywhere and for any task, you can think of, an app exists to perform it. Mobile apps are taking over the world with no matter what industry or sector. However, the hospitality industry is no exception. We know guest service is the king in the hospitality industry. They always expect a superior service experience. So that they are using their smartphones for all most and everything. A hotel mobile app can redefine your guest or visitor experience and improves the important part of your hotel or hospitality service mechanism. How your hotel or resort leverage mobile platforms for hotel operations, branding, guest loyalty, marketing, advertising, cross-selling, and so on?

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12 MAR

Mobile Apps For Libraries And Library Services

Posted at 09:20 in Mobile App Development by Nisha

Libraries may not look much like it did a few years back. With the rise of cutting-edge technologies like mobile, transformed the way libraries offer many services. The mobile applications for information seeker have grown up tremendously with the growth of mobile technology. From children to adults all are finding information with the mobile app. According to an American monetization company report, people now spend two hours for using apps in a day. So, 86% of mobile user’s time is spent using mobile apps.

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05 MAR

Connected Smart Factory

Posted at 10:15 in Beacon Technology by Nisha

Today, all industries are looking for digitizing their manufacturing processes. New technologies and connectivity create a cyber-physical environment that results in industries for completely redefine the way assets and industrial processes work. The connected smart factory is capable of producing more smartly, more efficiently, more quickly, and more safely. The smart factory indicates a jump from more traditional automation to a fully connected and flexible system. The smart factory can be generated by a new technology of small wireless devices called beacons. It can be attached to staff, pallets, tools and even machinery.

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26 FEB

White Label Apps for your Taxi or Limo Company

Posted at 09:45 in Mobile App Development by Nisha

No matter what is the size of your taxi or limo company, if you are looking to improve your business service quality, then it's best to invest in a mobile app. Having your own white-label mobile app became as important as having a website or Facebook page for your business. Simply, we can say that investing in a white label taxi booking app development can take your user's experience to the next level.

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19 FEB

Employee Shift Scheduling Software Solution for IT Sector

Posted at 11:10 in Enterprise Software Solutions by Nisha

Today, more managers are relying on employee shift scheduling software to streamline their business and eliminate headaches. Why do companies need this software so urgently, and so suddenly? If you are the manager of a small, medium or large IT company that’s open for fourteen or even twenty-four hours a day, how do you schedule your employees shift? If you're still using pen and paper or Excel for shift planning or scheduling then, you can realize how scheduling could become a nightmare very quickly. It is tempting to jump to find a solution for scheduling problems. Then, a right solution to this dilemma is an employee shift scheduling software.This is why IT companies adopting shift scheduling software for their long or multiple shifts.

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12 FEB

Beacon Technology in Airports

Posted at 11:25 in Beacon Technology by Nisha

In today’s age of the connected traveler, most of the passengers rely on their mobile phones is fuelling the growth of smart airports. It's been estimated around 90 percent of all smartphones today is Bluetooth enabled. So airports and airline operators can connect with passengers through their smartphones. But how? Beacon the small Bluetooth low energy device coupled with connected smartphones at airports can enhance the overall experience of the passenger as a means of interpreting, predicting and serving their needs. Right now only around 9% of airport use this smart airport technology, largely as a means of informing passengers of details such as boarding gates and flight times.

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How Your Fitness Centre can Benefit from a Mobile App

Posted at 10:50 in Mobile App Development by Nisha

What encourages your members to keep coming back to your fitness centre? and make their membership more than a fall off New Year’s Resolution? This brings us to the point of this blog entry. Yes, now it's the time to develop a gym app or a fitness tracker app for your business. Whether you are running an aerobics, yoga, meditation centre, gymnasium or any kind of fitness centre, mobile app is the best way to expand the reach of your fitness centre. A mobile app for your health and fitness business can serve you like a promotional tool.

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29 JAN

Digital Signage Software for Casinos and Gaming Centres

Posted at 10:50 in Digital Signage Software by Nisha

The casinos are undergoing a period of tremendous change. From engaging customers to providing wayfinding solutions casinos are now using digital signage for their communication with guests and visitors. The signage can be placed virtually anywhere in a casino like in gaming floors, food and beverage operations etc. With an interactive casino digital signage software, your casino "maze layout” can be more manageable and helps the players to navigate easily to their preferred games or tables and help them to keep on the floor playing longer. If we compared casino digital signage with traditional billboards, the casino digital signage can be used for more than just sales and marketing. In this blog, we’ll discuss in detail about the benefits of using a digital signage in casinos.

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22 JAN

Digital Signage Software Solution for Gyms, Fitness Centre and Clubs

Posted at 11:05 in Digital Signage Software by Nisha

Why use digital signage at your Gym, Fitness Centre or Clubs? The answer is simple engagement and improving member retention. According to a study conducted by the healthcare charity Nuffield Health revealed that people on less than 27000 a year use the gym for an hour a week. That means over the last few years, fitness centers have boomed. But how healthy is your fitness business? If you are having a gym or fitness business and your members are not valuing your service at the level you hoped, then you should focus on finding new opportunities to increase this value. How can you do this? You need to adopt developing technology to motivate members and keep them coming back. Digital Signage is the right technology to reach your customers at their various stages of the journey, assisting with good advertising, communication, and entertainment.

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15 JAN

Medical Staff Scheduling Software Solution for Hospitals and Clinics

Posted at 09:20 in Beacon Technology by Nisha

If you are having a small or large hospital, clinic or medical practice, you know that a lot goes on behind the scenes. The most thing is caring for patients, then the keeping up of insurance payouts, medical billing codes, other details etc. can put a lot of stress on you and your staffs. In addition to this, you may be handling various manual tasks, such as scheduling, ordering supplies, appointment booking and reminders etc. So how do you keep up with everything? An online hospital management software can streamline all these operations.

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08 JAN

How Hotels and Resorts Improve the Guest Experience with Beacons

Posted at 09:55 in Beacon Technology by Nisha

The hospitality industry is in the middle of a great technological transition. Hotels and resorts that are capable of introducing new transformation to enhances guest experiences are expected to make huge growth and profitability now and in the future. Beacon technology is an intuitive technology solution for connecting guests via their phones and it is an ideal solution for hotels and resorts that are interested in improving their guest experiences while managing their budget at the same time.

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01 JAN

Role of mHealth Apps in Healthcare Evolution

Posted at 09:15 in IoT App Development by Nisha

In this digital era, every industry is going mobile with their own mobile apps and making a huge profit in their business. Healthcare industry is also expanding in this mobile application and healthcare software solutions field. mHealth apps have already made a huge sea change in how patients relate to doctors and vice versa. According to the latest report from Research 2 guidance, there are approximately 100,000 mobile health apps available in 62 different app stores around the world.

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26 DEC

Proven Ways of Using Beacons to Redefine the Attendee Experience

Posted at 10:05 in Beacon Technology by Nisha

By now you're all familiar with proximity beacons and its use in various industries. With this impact now event organizers and marketers start to recognize the value of beacon technology for improving attendee experiences.Events are the main venues for networking and linking up with people. But with hundreds and thousands of attendees, it's not easy to improve the attendee experience.

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18 DEC

How Much Does Digital Signage Cost ?

Posted at 10:40 in Digital Signage Software by Nisha

How much does a digital signage software cost? We can turn this topic on its head, If you are paying an annual fee to an advertising agency to handle your publicity, what does your present advertising strategy cost you? Sure, it will be more.

Technology is now developing at a rapid pace. With these innovations, every industry is moving towards the digital world. It seems to be expensive, but it can be judged as a long-term investment that helps businesses in a dramatic way.

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11 DEC

Revolutionizing the Shopping Experience in Shopping Malls

Posted at 11:20 in Technology by Nisha

Now mobile and Internet is fast on its way to becoming the biggest single shopping mall in the world. Foot traffic in shopping malls has declined by 57% in the past five years. Because of the information available at fingertips, consumers will first check if it is available in the online apps and use the online shopping. According to a famous US company data collection, the annual online shopping revenues are expected to exceed $370 billion by 2018.

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04 DEC

Smart City: For a Connected World

Posted at 11:05 in Beacon Technology by Nisha

Do we need a Smart City?

Before answering this question, it is important to understand What a Smart City is and Why we need Smart City?

Cities are having a great impact on the economic and social development of nations. They are the actual platforms where people live, where companies have their business and in which countless services are provided.

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27 NOV

Digital Signage Software for Advertising Companies

Posted at 09:25 in Digital Signage Software by Nisha

From retail to the healthcare every industry are now popping up with the Digital Signage. Digital signage advertising is the most effective tool in proximity marketing to deliver new, targeted messages to the consumers. But what is Digital Signage Advertising Network Software? And what makes it as a powerful tool, from other types of digital signage? Let's check out.

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20 NOV

Digital Signage Software Solution for Corporate Communication

Posted at 09:50 in Digital Signage Software by Nisha

Today one of the main challenge faced by the corporates are “employee engagement”. Based on studies conducted over the recent years, it has been revealed that companies with an engaged workforce are more productive and more profitable. Digital signage for companies can help you engage your workforce for this success.

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13 NOV

All You Need to Know about Internet of Things (IOT)

Posted at 11:20 in Digital Signage Software by Nisha

Internet of Things (IoT) is a group of connected physical objects that are accessible through the internet. It is one of the hypes in today's technological world. From small chips to large machines IoT consists of billions of smart devices. The communication or connection will be between people-people, people-objects and objects and objects. These are connected and communicated each other via various modes of communication like WiFi, Bluetooth, iBeacon, Zigbee Wireless, NFC. Commonly, the mobile phones are used as the bridge between the devices to communicate to the internet. Hence, we can control the device and access the data collected by these devices from anywhere by using a mobile app or mobile browser.

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06 NOV

Digital Signage Software Solutions for Arenas and Amusement Parks

Posted at 10:40 in Digital Signage Software by Nisha

It is significant to ensure that the stadiums and other sports venues are adopting new technology whenever there are beneficial changes. Sports venues and amusement parks are all about competition, both on and off the field. In order to stay current with the competition, you should need to invest in engaging digital signage platforms which drive value over time. The arrival of digital signage in the sports fields has made it more comfortable for the fans to enjoy the game; thus it also increase the number of fans. Managing huge crowds scatter over a wide area and along with that giving them a personalized and enjoyable experience is certainly a tall order. Digital signage can provide a dynamic solution to these problems.

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30 OCT

Why Travel and Tourism Industry Business Need to Have Travel Mobile App ?

Posted at 10:10 in Travel Industry by Nisha

Now, the world is at the fingertips of mobile users. The impact of the mobile and mobile app is evident in all industries and sectors. For smartphone users, a mobile app means their pocket-assistant, which guides them for every existing requirement of their life, with a mere touch on it. Mobile apps really a perfect solution for users to get real-time information which they need anytime, anywhere in a most efficient manner, so the travel and tourism industry is also not an exception, rather it offers a wide range of benefits to the travel and tourism industry.

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23 OCT

Digital Signage Software Solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions

Posted at 09:00 in Digital Signage Software by Nisha

One of the things that schools and colleges should invest today is a digital signage.It is an essential tool for them to reach their audience instantly in a dynamic and eye-catching format. Whether large or small schools, universities or colleges it's important to engage students, faculty, staff and visitors on a daily basis, so digital signage is a very powerful visual messaging solution to bridge a gap between students and faculties or staffs to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

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16 OCT

Digital Signage Solutions for Schools and Colleges

Posted at 09:30 in Digital Signage Software by Nisha

One of the things that schools and colleges should invest today is a digital signage.It is an essential tool for them to reach their audience instantly in a dynamic and eye-catching format. Whether large or small schools, universities or colleges it's important to engage students, faculty, staff and visitors on a daily basis, so digital signage is a very powerful visual messaging solution to bridge a gap between students and faculties or staffs to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

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09 OCT

Smart Library : Not A Concept Anymore

Posted at 11:00 in Beacon Technology by Nisha

Without any doubt, we can say that technology had made a lasting impact on all sectors. People today expect to be able to find and access information from wherever they are. This makes challenges for the libraries and deeply impacted its structure – physically as well as conceptually. Because of this reason, most of the libraries across the country have increased the number of computers, onsite Wi-Fi to check out books to use inside the library.But in today's digital world simply focusing on increasing the number of system or space of the library is not sufficient.

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02 OCT

Mobile App Marketing Plan

Posted at 09:55 in Beacon Technology by Nisha

Looking to expand your audience? Need a killer market plan to boost your mobile app download? Then with our great marketing plan, you can take your app from initial release to a massive hit. We can create the perfect marketing plans for your apps to flourish in the market.

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25 SEP

Proximity Marketing Solutions using Beacons

Posted at 11:30 in Beacon Technology by Nisha

One of the biggest challenges for marketers today is finding the right marketing technology to bring footfalls to their stores. Now the mobile devices are becoming a staple of modern society, this makes a huge number of opportunities for savvy marketers to easily target their consumers.To get customer's attention, every marketer's needs to be able to target the right person, at the right time, and in the right place. This is where proximity comes in, a potential strategy to generate enough traffic. But many marketers are still unsure about the benefits of proximity mobile marketing.

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18 SEP

Automate Your Office and Home with Beacon Technology

Posted at 10:25 in Beacon Technology by Nisha

Early Beacons have only been rolled out in places like restaurants, hotels, airports, museums, and retail outlets in malls for achieving objectives varying from user movement tracking to event management. But now Beacon technology is being used in the home to bring low-cost smart home infrastructure to the masses. This can also directly applicable to an office environment to reach max productivity, efficiency, and cost savings.

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11 SEP

Beacons for Smart Education

Posted at 12:10 in Beacon Technology by Nisha

Innovation in the smartphones and digital technology space is making a marked impact on education. Industries like Retail has led the way with utilizing beacons to engage their customers while shopping inside their stores. It's not unexpected that Beacons are used in education to progress the student personalized learning experience. The beacon technology in education can enhance the classroom presence, access to the houses, give more personalized learning experience, optimization of campus strategy and help to pathway students in case of difficulties.

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How Beacons and IOT Transform Healthcare Industry

Posted at 10:25 in Beacon Technology by Nisha

In this digital era mobile health has become an indispensable part of healthcare industry, be it patients or healthcare providers. Beacons and Internet of Things( IoT) in healthcare industry is an increasingly hot topic, but what will the future really look like? Can smart beacon technology lead to better healthcare security and compliance? Just go through some use cases for beacon IoT in healthcare.

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28 AUG

What Beacons can do for Your Election Campaign or Public Political Party Meetings?

Posted at 11:50 in Beacon Technology by Nisha

The Mobile Technology may have been changing politics in myriad ways. According to the Pew report, 68% of smartphone owners now use their phone to follow along with breaking news events. In fact, the new technologies have the power to change the face of politics. So, it's necessary for candidates to keep up to date with new technology or innovative ideas for election campaign otherwise, they will be viewed as outdated and irrelevant.

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21 AUG

Meet Techware Solution at GITEX Technology Week 2017 Dubai

Posted at 11:30h in Events by Nisha

We are happy to announce our participation in GITEX Technology Week 2017, the largest ICT Exhibitions in the Middle East set to be housed in Dubai's World Trade Center from 08th -12th October 2017.

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14 AUG

How Beacons Make Retail Store Smarter

Posted at 11:15h in Beacon Technology by Nisha

The use of smartphones has fully revolutionized the way of shoppers. In Order to improve the customer's experience, to drive revenue and to increase the operational efficiency, retailers are now utilising the location based proximity marketing solution called Beacon Technology.

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Real-time Asset or Resource Tracking with Beacon

Posted at 09:50h in Beacon Technology by Nisha

Beacons are nothing but the low-powered transmitters that have so far been identified for various sectors like marketing, museums, and hotels. On the other hand are beacons useful in growing backend process efficiency also? The beacons can play a vital role in enterprise safety, productivity.

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How can Beacons Reform Real Estate Industry Marketing?

Posted at 10:10h in Beacon Technology by Nisha

The real estate industry is undergoing a prime transformation. The reason behind this transformation is, the home buyers are moving towards mobile technology. Searching for properties online, shortlisting, visiting etc are quite frustrating for property buyers.

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How can Museums Enhance the Visitor Experience by using Beacons?

Posted at 15:20h in Business by Babitha

In this mobile era, each and everyone is glued to their smart phones. This makes people lazier and addicted to their digital equivalents. With the evolving of mobile technology, Visitors who enter enclosed public spaces like galleries, malls, airports, and museums are decreasing day by day. All of them are expecting to receive a mobile experience that is highly useful, convenient, and delivered in a timely and seamless manner.

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Upgrade Customer Experience in Banking with Beacons

Posted at 11:00h in Business by Babitha

Today Industries are leveraging Beacon Technology to digitally enable more personalized and valuable interactions with customer. Beacon technology are not only used in retail and other customer service applications, but also at Banking to integrate physical and mobile channels and to deliver positive, pragmatic services to clients. Just consider how these Smart Beacons can permanently change the traditional retail-banking sector.

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Sports Events are Going the Beacon Way Why?

Posted at 13:25h in Business by Babitha

Beacons have been generating buzz and making headlines for a couple of years now. These are small, low-cost pieces of hardware, which is a small low cost and battery powered location-based technology device that transmits a signal using Bluetooth Low Energy.

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Wayfinding App for Enterprises with Beacon

Posted at 10:40h in Business by Babitha

Recent customers expect forward-thinking wayfinding and indoor navigation. They need GPS within houses and small spaces. Can BLE beacons make it come about? BLE Beacons Bring New Potentials to Wayfinding and Indoor Direction-finding. Beacons are small Bluetooth devices that can interconnect with smartphones.

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In-Store Digital Signage Software for Supermarkets, Grocery Stores

Posted at 09:10h in Business by Babitha

Food is all about the intellects. We love savoring food, tasting it, touching it and sighting it. Buying groceries is no exception. That's why retail digital signage is extremely practical for grocery stores or else supermarkets. They'll help your customers to see the products you deal or those on sale, even before they come inside.

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Digital Signage for Salons and Spas

Posted at 02:25h in Business by Babitha

Digital signage is great option to any business. Especially it is useful in cases where your clients may have to do some waiting. Make busy them by improving the salon atmosphere. Just captivate your customers with your catchy offerings. With an easy-to-manage virtual portal, you can make day parted and periodic scheduling, or make quick content alterations with a hardly any clicks.

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Benefits of Digital Signage in Healthcare or Hospital

Posted at 12:40h in Business by Babitha

One of the main trends in healthcare right now is digital signage basically because of its many benefits to everybody. Hospitals, clinics plus physicians' offices can be frightening places for those that visit as both patients and as visitors. When visiting a healthcare organization, haziness can create to an already worrying situation. Digital signage has the capability to mitigate overcome this pressure.

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Design Conferences and Meeting Rooms Efficiently with Digital Signage

Posted at 03:20h in Business by Babitha

Nowadays Digital signage is rapidly becoming a crucial part of the attendee experience. It is well-organized, cost-effective, and offers a professional look to a conference. It has a higher pictorial impact, with the knack to deliver creative content. It is flexible with high-tech integrations and empowers the measurement of success with ease.

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29 MAY

Grasp the Attention of the Customers while elevator riding by using Digital Signage

Posted at 10:00h in Business by Babitha

Elevator displays are usually located in buildings. From here you can properly grasp the attention of your business viewers. It is an easy way to provide targeted ads that will appeal to your audiences. Thus, Digital Signage in elevators of a marketable or domestic building has the potential to rise, your customer base. For example The building's food court can use a rapid sales lift by showing special menu in Digital Signage Display on elevator.

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22 MAY

Enhance the Look and Architecture of your Museum or Gallery with Digital Signage

Posted at 11:30h in Business by Babitha

Museums are a place to walk around an interest, spark motivation, and study the past. In this industry, it has converted more and more important to keep growing or run the risk of dropping visitors otherwise funding. Digital displays can boost your museum's architecture, produce a spectacular digital media experience and distinguish your donors and sponsors. With striking visuals and dynamic messages, digital signage exhibitions capture your tourists' attention.

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17 MAY

Attract and Retain Your Retail Store Customers Through Digital Signage

Posted at 11:15h in Business by Babitha

In this day and age, brands are looking for distinctive methods to engage with customers. Now the question arises that, in an ad world, how can brands stand out and mark customers pay attention to their message? Yes, by going visual. Exactly for that Digital Signage can make the change, as it captures 400% more views than static signage.

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10 MAY

Digital Signage Software Solution for Public Transportation

Posted at 09:50h in Business by Babitha

Digital signage is known to a new way to offer audiences the attractive information. From retail to healthcare, many industries are starting to control the many profits of digital signage. As the digital signage trend is growing, travel and tourism groups are encouraging travelers to travel around their destination.

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18 APR

Why Small Businesses Develop Mobile Apps?

Posted at 01:10h in Business by Babitha

A mobile app provides you a capacity to reach customers 24 * 7. Isn't it great where in your mobile app is competent to make business even if your office hours are closed or else you just happy vacationing? In the present day is the epoch of the smartphone and Internet. The people devote more time on their smartphones than on televisions as per the reputed surveys. Henceforth it is a good idea to have mobile apps for your small business.

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06 MAR

Good bye to print ads - Welcome Digital signage in 2017

Posted at 04:05h in Business by Admin

digitalsignage #printads #techwaresolution #customsoftware Print ads are no longer going to be hit in 2017. It's ime for retailers to communicate in a different way. Print ads won't be flashy or new in town. Thereby making the switch from print to digital signage is increasing everyday...

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04 JAN

Things to Consider while Developing Mobile Apps for your Business

Posted at 06:15h in Business by Admin

In this mobile era currently, 77% of the world's population is online. With the rising popularity of smartphone users, it is worst for every entrepreneur to develop mobile apps that add an edge to their business. Whether it may be transport, retail, marketing, healthcare, industrial, education and much more, it is worth for every business to invest in mobile app development to stay connected with your customers.

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