How Beacons and IOT Transform Healthcare Industry

Posted at 10:25 in Events by Nisha

In this digital era mobile health has become an indispensable part of healthcare industry, be it patients or healthcare providers. Beacons and Internet of Things( IoT) in healthcare industry is an increasingly hot topic, but what will the future really look like? Can smart beacon technology lead to better healthcare security and compliance? Just go through some use cases for beacon IoT in healthcare.

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28 AUG

What Beacons can do for Your Election Campaign or Public Political Party Meetings?

Posted at 11:50 in Events by Nisha

The Mobile Technology may have been changing politics in myriad ways. According to the Pew report, 68% of smartphone owners now use their phone to follow along with breaking news events. In fact, the new technologies have the power to change the face of politics. So, it's necessary for candidates to keep up to date with new technology or innovative ideas for election campaign otherwise, they will be viewed as outdated and irrelevant.

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21 AUG

Meet Techware Solution at GITEX Technology Week 2017 Dubai

Posted at 11:30h in Events by Nisha

We are happy to announce our participation in GITEX Technology Week 2017, the largest ICT Exhibitions in the Middle East set to be housed in Dubai’s World Trade Center from 08th -12th October 2017.

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14 AUG

How Beacons Make Retail Store Smarter

Posted at 11:15h in Business by Babitha

The use of smartphones has fully revolutionized the way of shoppers. In Order to improve the customer’s experience, to drive revenue and to increase the operational efficiency, retailers are now utilising the location based proximity marketing solution called Beacon Technology.

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Real-time Asset or Resource Tracking with Beacon

Posted at 09:50h in Business by Babitha

Beacons are nothing but the low-powered transmitters that have so far been identified for various sectors like marketing, museums, and hotels. On the other hand are beacons useful in growing backend process efficiency also? The beacons can play a vital role in enterprise safety, productivity.

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How can Beacons Reform Real Eestate Industry Marketing?

Posted at 10:10h in Business by Babitha

The real estate industry is undergoing a prime transformation. The reason behind this transformation is, the home buyers are moving towards mobile technology. Searching for properties online, shortlisting, visiting etc are quite frustrating for property buyers.

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How can Museums Enhance the Visitor Experience by using Beacons?

Posted at 15:20h in Business by Babitha

In this mobile era, each and everyone is glued to their smart phones. This makes people lazier and addicted to their digital equivalents. With the evolving of mobile technology, Visitors who enter enclosed public spaces like galleries, malls, airports, and museums are decreasing day by day. All of them are expecting to receive a mobile experience that is highly useful, convenient, and delivered in a timely and seamless manner.

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Upgrade Customer Experience in Banking with Beacons

Posted at 11:00h in Business by Babitha

Today Industries are leveraging Beacon Technology to digitally enable more personalized and valuable interactions with customer. Beacon technology are not only used in retail and other customer service applications, but also at Banking to integrate physical and mobile channels and to deliver positive, pragmatic services to clients. Just consider how these Smart Beacons can permanently change the traditional retail-banking sector.

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Sports Events are Going the Beacon Way Why?

Posted at 13:25h in Business by Babitha

Beacons have been generating buzz and making headlines for a couple of years now. These are small, low-cost pieces of hardware, which is a small low cost and battery powered location-based technology device that transmits a signal using Bluetooth Low Energy.

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Wayfinding App for Enterprises with Beacon

Posted at 10:40h in Business by Babitha

Recent customers expect forward-thinking wayfinding and indoor navigation. They need GPS within houses and small spaces. Can BLE beacons make it come about? BLE Beacons Bring New Potentials to Wayfinding and Indoor Direction-finding. Beacons are small Bluetooth devices that can interconnect with smartphones.

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In-Store Digital Signage Software for Supermarkets, Grocery Stores

Posted at 09:10h in Business by Babitha

Food is all about the intellects. We love savoring food, tasting it, touching it and sighting it. Buying groceries is no exception. That's why retail digital signage is extremely practical for grocery stores or else supermarkets. They'll help your customers to see the products you deal or those on sale, even before they come inside.

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Digital Signage for Salons and Spas

Posted at 02:25h in Business by Babitha

Digital signage is great option to any business. Especially it is useful in cases where your clients may have to do some waiting. Make busy them by improving the salon atmosphere. Just captivate your customers with your catchy offerings. With an easy-to-manage virtual portal, you can make day parted and periodic scheduling, or make quick content alterations with a hardly any clicks.

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Benefits of Digital Signage in Healthcare or Hospital

Posted at 12:40h in Business by Babitha

One of the main trends in healthcare right now is digital signage basically because of its many benefits to everybody. Hospitals, clinics plus physicians' offices can be frightening places for those that visit as both patients and as visitors. When visiting a healthcare organization, haziness can create to an already worrying situation. Digital signage has the capability to mitigate overcome this pressure.

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Design Conferences and Meeting Rooms Efficiently with Digital Signage

Posted at 03:20h in Business by Babitha

Nowadays Digital signage is rapidly becoming a crucial part of the attendee experience. It is well-organized, cost-effective, and offers a professional look to a conference. It has a higher pictorial impact, with the knack to deliver creative content. It is flexible with high-tech integrations and empowers the measurement of success with ease.

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29 MAY

Grasp the Attention of the Customers while elevator riding by using Digital Signage

Posted at 10:00h in Business by Babitha

Elevator displays are usually located in buildings. From here you can properly grasp the attention of your business viewers. It is an easy way to provide targeted ads that will appeal to your audiences. Thus, Digital Signage in elevators of a marketable or domestic building has the potential to rise, your customer base. For example The building's food court can use a rapid sales lift by showing special menu in Digital Signage Display on elevator.

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22 MAY

Enhance the Look and Architecture of your Museum or Gallery with Digital Signage

Posted at 11:30h in Business by Babitha

Museums are a place to walk around an interest, spark motivation, and study the past. In this industry, it has converted more and more important to keep growing or run the risk of dropping visitors otherwise funding. Digital displays can boost your museum's architecture, produce a spectacular digital media experience and distinguish your donors and sponsors. With striking visuals and dynamic messages, digital signage exhibitions capture your tourists' attention.

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17 MAY

Attract and Retain Your Retail Store Customers Through Digital Signage

Posted at 11:15h in Business by Babitha

In this day and age, brands are looking for distinctive methods to engage with customers. Now the question arises that, in an ad world, how can brands stand out and mark customers pay attention to their message? Yes, by going visual. Exactly for that Digital Signage can make the change, as it captures 400% more views than static signage.

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10 MAY

Digital Signage Software Solution for Public Transportation

Posted at 09:50h in Business by Babitha

Digital signage is known to a new way to offer audiences the attractive information. From retail to healthcare, many industries are starting to control the many profits of digital signage. As the digital signage trend is growing, travel and tourism groups are encouraging travelers to travel around their destination.

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18 APR

Why Small Businesses Develop Mobile Apps?

Posted at 01:10h in Business by Babitha

A mobile app provides you a capacity to reach customers 24 * 7. Isn't it great where in your mobile app is competent to make business even if your office hours are closed or else you just happy vacationing? In the present day is the epoch of the smartphone and Internet. The people devote more time on their smartphones than on televisions as per the reputed surveys. Henceforth it is a good idea to have mobile apps for your small business.

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06 MAR

Good bye to print ads - Welcome Digital signage in 2017

Posted at 04:05h in Business by Admin

digitalsignage #printads #techwaresolution #customsoftware Print ads are no longer going to be hit in 2017. It's ime for retailers to communicate in a different way. Print ads won't be flashy or new in town. Thereby making the switch from print to digital signage is increasing everyday...

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04 JAN

Things to Plan for Before Developing Your Mobile Application in this New Year [Must Read]

Posted at 06:15h in Business by Admin

Your group of onlookers is everything. Your client base can basically represent the deciding moment your app. For a fruitful app, you have to comprehend what gadgets and advancements your clients are using and additionally what they are searching for in a mobile application.

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