Why Fitness Centre Should Adopt Beacon Technology?

02 APR

Why Fitness Centre Should Adopt Beacon Technology?

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Fitness Facility that Uses Beacon Technology

Gyms and Fitness centres are now facing a huge competition from flexible workout technology, that is now more accessible to customers than ever before. Based on the review from business intelligence firm IBISWorld, gyms, health, and fitness centres will look to offset high capital costs and increased competition by reducing labor costs. Enhancing customer engagement with reducing labor expenses is the winning routine for fitness centres who were looking to increase their revenues. The trending beacon technology is the right way to achieving this results.

Bluetooth low energy beacon technology is changing the way mobile phones interact with the real world. As the application of beacons continues to develop into various industries the question is raised: How will beacons be used in fitness centres in the future?

Beacon technology allows fitness centres to go one step further and encourages your members to keep coming back to your fitness centre. Via a cost-effective beacon-enabled mobile app you can direct line of communication to your customers.

With a beacon gym or fitness centre app you can provide automated, virtual training programs to your customers to reduce the high labor cost. By tracking the daily routines and the frequency of the visitors you can give automatic workout suggestions that are tailored to your fitness level of the visitor. With this smart fitness app, you can get an opportunity to restructure your staff.

Beacon Enabled Gym
Generates customer data and helps to target problem areas

If your gym or fitness centre is big and accounted for a huge amount of bustling foot traffic and having member queue for equipment, machines etc then use smart gym or fitness equipment with beacon technology. A beacon will help you to locate and identify the equipment that makes long queues and to track the customers. By tracking you can highlight your customer that regularly enters to your fitness centre and also you can send push notifications to encourage them to invite their friends.

Automatic check-in, renewal and contactless payment

Imagine when members walking through the door of your fitness centre and automatically being checked in, will increase the level of convenience for them and also help your members to automatically renew their membership. The contactless payment creates a quick and easy way for your members to purchase any equipment from your health club or to renew their membership.

Having a beacon enable mobile app allows you to create a new level of engagement with your members and open a platform to drive revenue. In addition to all, a beacon will improve your overall fitness centre experience.

Attracting and retaining members is no easy exercise. Members always choose the smart fitness studio that makes sense for them. More than physical activity, they are looking for total experience. If you want to give your customers a better experience when they interact with every moment of the day get in touch with us, Also If you want to connect with your members anytime, anywhere with a normal simple mobile app then get in touch with our app developers.

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