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Upgrade Customer Experience in Banking with Beacons

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Improve Banking Sales and Service with Beacon

Today Industries are leveraging Beacon Technology to digitally enable more personalized and valuable interactions with customer. Beacon technology are not only used in retail and other customer service applications, but also at Banking to integrate physical and mobile channels and to deliver positive, pragmatic services to clients. Just consider how these Smart Beacons can permanently change the traditional retail-banking sector.

Here we will see how beacons helps to improve the in-store banking experience of clients. The Beacon App installed by client will connect them with banks through a proximity-based services by in-store beacons. Consider the following things to create a positive client experience with Beacon Technology in Smart Banking:

Welcome Interaction:

As clients pass or else enter a branch, the bank's using beacon can convey a welcome message and a summary of facilities available at the branch to the client. This can also contain a modified map of the office and the available experts presently at the office. Any special offers and promotions can also be emphasized.

Customer Acknowledgement:

When a client enters a branch, branch personnel can be notified and can be delivered transaction history and sales stimulates for intermingling with the customer-centered on their value.Thus beacons in digital banking can enhance and improve amenity and loyalty.

Beacon based solution for your bank customers
Accessibility and Wait Times:

A customer could be delivered the wait times for exact services/specialists as well as a way to set a nomination using their ibeacons banking mobile application.

Modified Product Offers:

Offers based on preceding customer activity, account possession and even demographics and credit score can be sent to the consumer's smartphone upon arrival at the branch. This could agree for dynamic valuing of services or rewards offers based on the customer’s existing connection potential.

Location Particular Offers:

If a client is standing at a deposit slip counter, can obtain a notification connected to remote deposit option facilities through Beacon based mobile app.

Client Education:

When customers walk into a Bank, Beacon will make a conversation to the customer’s smart phone directly to avoid large waiting times, this can be like video, audio or text messages based on their required services.


IBeacon can offer a way to ask customer views and service ratings when the customer visits otherwise leave the branch.

Branch Analytics:

With iBeacon, banks will be able to realize which customers are using branches, what are the hectic days and times, how long normal customers are spending in offices and what type of transactions they are finishing. This information can help in enhancing the branch experience for clients in the future.

Beacon Empowered ATMs:

For consumers who have sanctioned communication through their mobile device, personalized offers can be send to the phone after an ATM visit. Beacon based Digital Banking can replace the usage of Debit, credit card and promote a cardless transaction method.

Post-Visit Retargeting:

It's easy to communicate with the clients after a branch visit or ATM visit via mobile, online etc with the learnings collected during their visit.

As a consequence beacons can upkeep banks at their goal of altering current mobile banking apps into crucial financial applications by sending relevant and well-timed digital content.

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