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Sports Events are Going the Beacon Way Why?

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Beacon Technology in Sports

Beacons have been generating buzz and making headlines for a couple of years now. These are small, low-cost pieces of hardware, which is a small low cost and battery powered location-based technology device that transmits a signal using Bluetooth Low Energy. The first beacon technology was applied to retail, museums, restaurants etc to deliver relevant messages, targeted personalized welcome messages or alerts. This beacon technology also adds a new dimension to the Sports Industry to deliver an exclusive in stadium fan experience during game time.

Stadiums are the best place to enjoy sporting events. A technologically high tech stadium is a boon to the fans. A recent Cisco study reveals that 57% people choose home to watch games instead of going to the venue. This is the one of the biggest challenge faced by the stadium owners and the teams. One of the best ways to override this difficult task is by placing the proximity based beacon technology in stadiums to enhance an outstanding fans experience.

Fan experience has gone far the game itself in a universal sense. The sports groups and venue proprietors all over the world are creating smart stadium technology investments these days to encounter their followers’ demands for more interactivity. The usage of beacons at stadiums is the gateway to linking social, digital and physical sporting experiences and also provides brands with a gateway for influencing shopper behavior and sales during sporting events.

In order to create a frictionless and intuitive fans experience, a large number of sport venues are now using beacon technology. A stadium that use beacon app can engage, monetize the fans the experience of a personal game day command in the palm of their hand. A beacon placed in the stadium sends out a Bluetooth signal that can be received by a user's Bluetooth-enabled device running either iOS or Android this will help them to order food or drinks that were delivered to their seats; they can also watch instant replays from their mobile itself. Apart from this indoor navigation features, beacon proximity marketing enables the location-aware push messages and offers inside the stadium at game time.

Let’s have a look at methods in which beacons can increase a fan's experience:

Location-based support

Some fields have put forward Beacon-enabled app to offer assistance to guests at their seats. With the help of beacons positioned on the seats, the app navigate the users to their appropriate seats. The beacon based stadium navigation app can also be used by guests to get shop info, ability maps, and other references with their smartphones and other devices.

Distribution of related and real-time info

The beacon based mobile app provide fans to view live playing videos and instant replays. Fans can also view the summaries of each player's, check the updates and details of the particular game, upcoming matches and fixtures along with ads that are pertinent to the location.Beacons empower personalization through proximity. Beacons also let venue owners to generate revenue chances by collecting customer insight .Beacons also aid sponsors at the time of special events detained at sports places.

Stadium Mobile Apps
Stadium Process Management

Beacons aid in shortening various bulky processes like ticket selling, advance seat reservation, and enabled online payment. Also, beacon app allows automatic check-in upon entrance at the arena. This way it makes simpler the check-in procedure by automating it.

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