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01 JAN

Role of mHealth Apps in Healthcare Evolution

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 Healthcare Mobile App Development Company in India

In this digital era, every industry is going mobile with their own mobile apps and making a huge profit in their business. Healthcare industry is also expanding in this mobile application and healthcare software solutions field. mHealth apps have already made a huge sea change in how patients relate to doctors and vice versa. According to the latest report from Research 2 guidance, there are approximately 100,000 mobile health apps available in 62 different app stores around the world.

Scope and Evolution Of mHealth Apps:

Everyone owns a smartphone and had adopted the habit of using mobile applications for their personal needs. With the goal of improving care, strengthening patient-doctor relationships, controlling cost and maintaining a competitive advantage mHealth apps are developed. It doesn’t matter who you are and you belong to which position in the healthcare field like a doctor, a patient, a clinician, or any other person who is attached to the medical industry, mHealth apps are beneficial for you as well as for your different requirements.

mHealth App Developer India

mHealth app has everything- from diagnosis to post care and emergency services to their fingertips. According to a research, the worldwide revenue for mobile healthcare will reach 59.15 billion USD by the year 2020. Don’t you want to have a share of this revenue? If so, then think about a mHealth app.

Let us have a look at how mHealth app will benefit your healthcare delivery.

Proactive Response to Patient’s Condition

You can monitor patient’s condition and respond proactively before it leads to severe disease. mHealth allows you to keep track of patient’s health records, update care plans and maintain peer-to-peer communication and collaboration.

Hassle-Free Appointment Booking and Scheduling

With mHealth apps, patients can book appointments with you. It helps you to make your availability time better. This will also avoid the burden of the receptionists. They can utilize the time of making reminder calls to the patients a day before in a more productive ways.

Improved Report Access

With mHealth app, you can reduce your stress on the patient's report collection, storage and distribution. This provides patients a constant access to their personal health data, and a way to communicate with you. This not only boosts the convenience of the patients but also reduces the paperwork.

Convenient Bill Payments

Dealing with bills is the most time wasting process in the hospital arena. It is a very difficult task to manually keep the records of all patients paid and unpaid bills. However, with the mHealth app, this lengthy and time consuming process can be cut down. Patients can select the online payment method and also can connect to the insurer for an insurance claim.

Increase Your Branding

mHealth apps will help to increase your branding by reaching a maximum number of users or patients in almost all possible ways. You can also send push notifications and provides access to your contact details such as email, phone, and website. It can be employed as the most effective marketing tool by gathering feedback from the patients and analyze the user behavior.

Not just this, the other staffs can also communicate with each other and get a clear idea of their responsibilities with a mHealth application.

In a word, healthcare providers can greatly benefit from mobile health apps.

The Future of IoT in Healthcare

IoT has already been accepted as a key enabler in various industries. The healthcare industry will be a major one where the positive impact is strongly visible. IoT can change the healthcare industry entirely by redefining the way of delivering of healthcare solution with apps, and devices. Beacon technology is the most effective and efficient IOT solutions that can be deployed in a mHealth app to engage with patients on their phones in real time. Click here to read How Beacons and IOT Transform Healthcare Industry .

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