Real Time Asset or Resource Tracking System with Beacon Technology


Real-time Asset or Resource Tracking with Beacon

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Beacons Asset Tracking

Beacons are nothing but the low-powered transmitters that have so far been identified for various sectors like marketing, museums, and hotels. On the other hand are beacons useful in growing backend process efficiency also? The beacons can play a vital role in enterprise safety, productivity.

Beacons can be used to rationalize processes and observing, preserving and managing an establishment's assets. Industries are often faced with operational dares stemming from the lack of reflectivity, into real-time location, status and situation of inventory, assets, team, equipment and other problems. Meanwhile, overall operational productivity relies on such key success factors, it's vital that these problems are tackled successfully.

This is someplace beacons come into the picture. Beacon tracking system, with their location detecting ability, can help keep pathway of the location of your staff within office locations and inventory in the warehouse.

Let us consider the following cases:

Bluetooth Inventory Tracking:
  • Precise inventory reflectivity is critical to optimizing business management procedures and reducing needless losses stemming from product absence.
  • Beacons can be used for inventory tracking of when items enter or else leave an area. The system can by design alert relevant staff upon deficiency or extra of inventory in an area
  • It is very much beneficial in tracking critical equipment, dropping inventory time.

Rather it achieves the real-time physical record of assets, improves productivity by remotely monitoring assets and set-up. It is good to deliver more timely information for judgment making. More important is it is Cultivating security by stopping assets from leaving places.

Beacon Tracking System
Bluetooth Asset Tracking:
  • Nowadays manual manners of locating equipment are rigorous and unproductive. Hence asset tracking using Bluetooth system is best for that purpose. With iBeacon technology staff are able to speedily and precisely locate assets devoid of having to search for it everywhere.
  • It is very useful in decreasing over-purchasing and tools rental costs. It Improves staff proficiency and workflow by dipping search times. Also, decreases wait times for orderly equipment as Bluetooth smart asset tracking is implemented. It Increases equipment use and Automates inventory controlling.
Procedure Optimization:
  • Beacons can be used to expand practices within an organization. Staff near boarding gates could be asked to help clients to board the flight etc. This helps those boosts their client experience to a great extent.
Safety Management Teams:
  • The productivity of teams that are responsible for guarding buildings can be checked using beacons.
  • By insertion beacons around such buildings, it can be confirmed that each member of the team has covered the essential checkpoints that need to be tested to ensure security. Using Bluetooth equipment tracking you can set up your own campaign, without a developer's help!

All this sounds nice, right? Techware Solution, India offers you a basic platform that makes it easy for you to test BLE technology at your places immediately. Clients come to us with exact requirements for how the whole system should work within their industry context. We are having the trustworthy team with capability in the Beacons space that can deliver you with everything you need. We believe that beacons are a step to a future where assets will track themselves plus tell you where they are like a human can!

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