Proven Ways of Using Beacons to Redefine the Attendee Experience

26 DEC

Proven Ways of Using Beacons to Redefine the Attendee Experience

Posted at 10:05 in Beacon Technology by Nisha

 Redefine Event Experience

By now you're all familiar with proximity beacons and its use in various industries. With this impact now event organizers and marketers start to recognize the value of beacon technology for improving attendee experiences.Events are the main venues for networking and linking up with people. But with hundreds and thousands of attendees, it's not easy to improve the attendee experience.

Beacons-proximity-detection technology create location-based interactions among each attendee to experience unique behaviors in their event depending on where they are currently in a venue. Beacons are small objects placed around venues which emit low energy Bluetooth signals, that can enhance any attendee touch point, with the goal of differentiating your brand and maximizing user engagement. Here, we will discuss in detail about how event marketers can put beacons to redefine attendee experience.

More Efficient Networking

Networking, in particular, can be greatly improved by using beacon networks to locate and meet with other like-minded attendees and plan out more meaningful networking opportunities. You can even extend your service to offer a fast guided tour of the event arena based on the interests of the attendee.


Now gamification is the major aspect of event planning. It can bring more attendees and make events more exciting. Beacons open up a new avenue for gamification by delivering personalized deals and messages based on a visitor's proximity.

Event Mobile App
Frictionless Registration

Waiting in long lines for an event is one of the most hated things of attendees. Beacons can also be used to serve up the necessary information to arriving attendees in the registration area. The fast-tracked registration process with beacons ensures a solid first impression on attendees.

Keeping Attendees Up To Speed

Most of the attendees now rely on mobile apps to plan, personalize their schedules and get to where they need to be. The Beacon based event mobile app can give the real-time updates based on their location such as session changes or last-minute ticket releases etc. This will be useful for both the attendees and the organizers.

Streamlining Navigation and Logistics

The attendee can be greeted by a notification message using the beacon based app the moment they entered the lobby. Beacons can also make their way around, detect their location, can sync with their personal itinerary, and guide them through each segment of the event.

Content Delivery

Most of the attendees will always behind the presenters for a copy of the presentation slides or the content to arrive in their inbox after a session. This can be avoided by using beacons to identify attendees on the session and automatically deliver slides, contents etc immediately after the session.


You can also leverage beacons for additional revenue. For example, if a visitor or attendee passes by a particular zone on a trade show venue, you can prompt them to come back and check out the store with a notification on their phones. This can be a premium service offered to sponsors.

However, beacons can revolutionize the event management industry as a whole. In this crowded world people want and increasingly expecting a more personalized and interactive experience, if you don't deliver, they will easily move on to someone who will. Beacons don't just focus on location, but on what will be relevant to your attendees. As a result, the experience will also feel more personalized.

For a better understanding of our work experience in this field please download our Future of Concert Experience project case study.

Now it's the time for you to think of how you can use the beacon technology to engage your attendees or redefine their event experience.

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