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On Demand Delivery Apps: Types and Development

Posted by Tessy Titus

On Demand Delivery App Development Company in India

Today, on-demand delivery apps resolve the daily problems of average people with smart solutions. On demand delivery app infers to a mobile application that assists customers to request a product/service through the app and get it delivered on the doorstep.

Types of on-demand delivery apps

The on-demand delivery apps can be divided into three main categories:

1. Consumers to Consumers: In this type of on-demand delivery app development, a user demands a service or product from another user, who is using the same platform. Examples: Uber, EpicDelivery, etc.

2. Business to Consumer: Businesses create their own apps to supply their products or services. The user has to download the app to order products from the app. Examples: Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

3. Business to Business: On-demand business to business apps connect to businesses globally and facilitate global transactions. They could be suppliers, service providers, etc. Examples: Alibaba, Indiamart, etc.

Categories of on-demand delivery apps
On Demand Delivery App Development Company

1. Food and grocery delivery: The most prominent sector for on-demand delivery apps are food and grocery.

•   Food delivery: There are food delivery apps to order food while sitting at homes with just a few taps. Follow these steps to make a successful food delivery app.

•   Grocery delivery: There are grocery delivery apps that deliver groceries to the doorsteps. Look at the important features to integrate into the grocery delivery app.

2. Medicine delivery app: Customers can order medicines and get them delivered at their doorsteps. Add these main features in the medicine delivery app.

3. Home service delivery: These apps are used by people across the world to get help with things such as cleaning, beauty and wellness, movers and packers, etc. Users should download the app and hire the required person.

4. Package Delivery Apps: These apps allow the delivery of any type of stuff. These apps connect people to drivers/delivery agents/ couriers services around them.

How to grow the user base?

1. Set target audience: First, identify the target audience for your product or service.

2. Strategies: Once you have a target audience in mind, it is easy to prepare a good strategy around it. At this stage, it is easy for developers to draw their ideas on paper like a prototype. This will give a clear image to build an app.

3. Progressive Scaling: It's best suited to implement the Mobile app as proof of concept in a smaller geographical radius prior to scaling up to a larger audience. The initial P.O.C helps identify bugs/errors before scaling to full scale deployment to the general public.

4. Rewards: Introduce good offers such as refer-a-friend programs or give free service for the first five orders. This helps expand the user-base.

5. Personalization: Retain your customers by providing them with personalized services. This can be done by storing the data and then analyzing it. Personalization is a good way to make customers feel special and also suggest services based on their past orders.

6. Feedback: Take feedback from the users to improve your services. Moreover, use Net Promoter Scores to get feedback. These are the questions that help to get feedback. The scores attained for reviews can be used as the data to improve your services.

7.Customer support: Support is extremely helpful to resolve end-user issues especially when a customer is unable to contact delivery executives.

Building an on-demand delivery app requires a combination of skills and expertise. Be wise while choosing your on-demand delivery app developer. Ensure that you hire a good on-demand delivery app development company which has good experience and is cost-effective also.

If you are interested to learn more details about the timeline, costing; such as 'How much does it cost to develop an on-demand delivery app?’ Feel free to contact us.

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