Mobile Technology and its Application in Library Services

12 MAR

Mobile Apps For Libraries And Library Services

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Applications of mobile technology in library services

Libraries may not look much like it did a few years back. With the rise of cutting-edge technologies like mobile, transformed the way libraries offer many services. The mobile applications for information seeker have grown up tremendously with the growth of mobile technology. From children to adults all are finding information with the mobile app. According to an American monetization company report, people now spend two hours for using apps in a day. So, 86% of mobile user’s time is spent using mobile apps.

The mobile app usage has significantly changed the way that people interact with the information and the way they view a library. Simply the mobile app has now come up with "Libraries in Hand" trend. So, libraries no longer seem to command the same influence that they once did. This is why so many public libraries have increased both computers for use inside the library.

Why You Need a Mobile App?

One of the best way to increase your library’s relevance and to engage your patrons is by developing a mobile app. A mobile app is an ideal way to get patron’s attention. Mobile apps will allow libraries to connect with patrons on the move. A library mobile app is a benefit for both the librarians and the patrons.It can provide a wide array of library services to your patrons like:

View and access library account :

Using a mobile app they can check due dates, place a hold, renew a book, and even get alerts when books are due or hold become available.

Library Mobile App
Search a catalog :

They can search the catalog by author, title, subject, barcode, or keyword. They can also view the book summaries, cover images, number of copies and more.

Locate :

They can locate and find branch location, availability, and phone numbers.

SMS notification services :

Give alerts on latest news, events, and notices via SMS or MMS to users wherever they might be going.

Database Browsing :

Provide access to a variety of library resources and database. So, a user can enter search terms and see results that are designed specifically for mobile viewing. This service includes online public access catalog, integrated search, and original document search.

Text reference service :

If your library receives a high volume of inquiries that require brief responses, such as dictionary definitions, facts or service information then you can provide instant answers, and links to articles/references in real time.

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Developing a mobile app for your library can generate a spark by showing your patrons that you are committed to the future, increase accessibility by bringing all that you have to their palm of your patrons’ hands, and it can drive people to come into your library to take advantage of all of the wonderful events that you may have.

If you are thinking you have already transformed your library for your users then, let me ask you few questions.

  • Is your library using any mobile library apps?
  • Are you using apps designed by your library or available in the store?
  • Is your app gives you more patrons?

If your answer is no, then remember in today’s digital world simply focusing on increasing the number of system or space of your library is not sufficient. Marketing and taking advantage of new technologies will enhance the effectiveness of your library. Take a look at our blog "smart library" to know how you can make your library smart. We can help you to aim to drive a new breed of patrons to your library by giving an easy to maintain seamless mobile experience. If you have any features that you like to add to your existing library mobile app or library management system, contact us today to get a free quote.

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