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02 OCT

Mobile App Marketing Plan

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Mobile App Marketing Company India

Looking to expand your audience? Need a killer market plan to boost your mobile app download? Then with our great marketing plan, you can take your app from initial release to a massive hit. We can create the perfect marketing plans for your apps to flourish in the market.

An application cannot succeed without a mobile app marketing services. If you are having a brand new app ready to launch or already launched, we promise to offer the app marketing services that can give your apps an edge in the industry. No matter, what app you are having, don't just make it useful. Make them essential.

Pre-Upload Marketing
Length: 1 Month
On Board Marketing
Length: 1 Month
Post-Upload Marketing
Length: 4 Months
  • Market Research
  • Keyword Research
  • App Monetization Strategy
  • Implementing Analytics
  • Social Media Account Setup
  • Pre-Launch Press Release
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  • Social Media Updates & Monitoring
  • Creative Social Media Campaigns
  • In-app & Mobile Ad Management
  • Play store and App store Optimisation
  • Launch Press Release
  • Launch Mobile Ad Campaign
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  • Campaign Optimization
  • Description Optimization
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Campaign
  • New Features Request & Dvpt
  • Outreach to Reviewers
  • Timely PR Releases for New Updates
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We create the best marketing plans for smarter user acquisition and downloads

Our marketing strategy ensures a higher number of downloads, increased ROI and the scalability needed to make your app a complete success.

Build a Product Micro Website

We can build elegant responsive websites which work fantastically regardless of what device you’re viewing them on. If it’s an outstanding parallax layout you’re looking for, where the content areas flow easily inside one another, or a simple one-page outstanding design, Techware Solution can create the perfect microsite for you.

Video Marketing

We tackle the power of video, and the strategy behind it, to make a huge difference to your business. That can enhance your brand, boosts your site traffic and increases onsite engagement and conversions.

Mobile App Promotion Agency India
Digital Marketing for Micro Website

No matter how good your Micro Website is, if customers do not know it is there they will not visit. We can improve your Micro Website rankings in Google with our search engine optimisation campaign, email newsletter setting up, or with a large social media campaign including full page management and advertising.

Social Media Marketing

We ignite your brand in a complex social landscape by skillfully and properly leveraging the advantages of the social media and offering effective social media marketing services. We can manage your whole marketing strategy with social media.

Press Releases

Aside from bringing reliability and allowing you to stay in the public eye, our press releases can also boost your profit margins, by spotlighting your business that position you on top of any other alternatives currently available on the market.


We have a host of advertising marketing options to ensure that is your mobile app gets in front of the right people. With the perfect mix of advertising solutions, digital presence and optimized content we can promote your business. Our advertising strategies enable your business to connect with highly targeted audience who are more likely to install your apps. So our app install ads allow users to install your app straight from your ads which is directly linked to the app store, google play store etc.

Looking to find out more about each of the mobile app marketing services we offer?

Send mail to [email protected] or contact us at +91 735 6863 666

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