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How can Museums Enhance the Visitor Experience by using Beacons?

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Enhance the Visitor Experience by Using Beacons

In this mobile era, each and everyone is glued to their smart phones. This makes people lazier and addicted to their digital equivalents.With the evolving of mobile technology, Visitors who enter enclosed public spaces like galleries, malls, airports, and museums are decreasing day by day. All of them are expecting to receive a mobile experience that is highly useful, convenient, and delivered in a timely and seamless manner.

The number of visitors to the museums and galleries has fallen for the last few years. This is because of the frustration of visitors to wait in the long queue, carrying booklet about the long description of each exhibit and poor navigation. For this reason, now Museums are looking for a new technology to interact with visitors. It's more important for Museums to know how to enhance the visitor's interactive museum experience by maintaining their loyalty.

Museums adopt several Digital Technologies now, but Beacons might be the right choice for them to interact with visitors. Interactive Museum Beacon technology plays several roles in the Museums such as, analyse data of customers habit and traffic, offer digital content for each exhibit, act as a guide on mobiles. Thus mobile beacon technology can help Museums to provide a rich experience to the visitors by videos, audio clips, and photographs. A beacon-based proximity marketing solution on Museums can offer more information on demand to the visitors. For example, allow visitors to create their tours and share them on social media.

Let's see how museums can use beacons to enhance visitors interactivity.

Appropriate information:
  • Beacons can be used to generate proximity-based, hyper-targeted apprises to visitors as they move nearby the museum. For example, a museum's app informs visitors when they pass by the hall.
  • A beacon can also notify visitors about other services, such as canteen, porch ways or else the history of the museum itself. This can also help to send references based on the exhibitions and articles that a visitor has stated interest in during their earlier visits.
  • If a visitor spends a significant amount of time near an exhibit, Beacon can recommend similar items that can be bought at the museum shop.
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Analytics by Beacon app :
  • Beacons can be used for collecting data to gain insights on visitor conduct and use it to develop exhibit locations and museum layouts to enrich the overall visitor experience.
  • Beacon can also collect priceless data about how long they remained, which segments they visited, and uncountable other behaviour metrics about their visit such as time expended at each section, welfares, artefact buying history etc.
Spot check-in with Virtual BLE beacon:
  • By placing beacons at entrances, museums can get rid of physical entry tickets overall. When a visitor walks into the museum door, they are acknowledged through the app fixed in their smartphone i.e. by its unique id.
  • They can fee for their visit hands-free, without carrying out their smartphone or else wallet. This lets visitors to check in effortlessly and reduces the bother of waiting in long queues to get an entry ticket.
  • Pass holders can be acknowledged and instantly admitted without having to wait if elevated suitability to consistent visitors. The same system can also be applied in museum gift shops, tea shops.
Self-guided trips:
  • Beacons allow museums to deal their visitors with updated self-guided tours. By placing beacons around the museum, potential visitors can obtain detailed information directly on their mobile home displays.
  • Guests can go at their own pace, spending more time near exhibitions most tempting to them. It eliminates the necessity to follow the walking rules.
  • Exhibits can be supplemented with photos, data about the creator, explanations, extra videos, and audio flowed where it is most applicable to the visitor.
Educational tours:
  • The technology offers all the tools required for world-class learning skills both for students as well as art lovers.
  • Students can follow guiding cues provided on display, take notes or else outline with whiteboard features, interrelate and work together with their associated students through records, and chat.
Gamifying Education:

Beacons are used for making exploring museums more fun and interactive. Ones the visitor get close to the beacon they are educated with interactive quizzes, learning zones etc.

Techware Solution, India is one of the good companies to provide Beacon apps for museums. We recapture physical knowledge about their users and staffs, allowing them to modify digital experiences and physical spaces constructed in the context of the user's personality and location. The net result of a good beacon approach is a win for the trade and a win for the user. We hope to see many more successful applications of beacons in everyday situations!

Museums and private galleries who are interested in partnering with us for development of next generation mobile apps can request a meeting with our IOT Consultant here.

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