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How can beacons reform real estate industry marketing?

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Beacons for realtors

The real estate industry is undergoing a prime transformation. The reason behind this transformation is, the home buyers are moving towards mobile technology. Searching for properties online, shortlisting, visiting etc are quite frustrating for property buyers. In fact, 92% of people used the internet for searching home and 54% searched from mobile phones, 57% of buyers are using mobile apps for their search.These rates are increasing every year as millennials come of age and enter the Real Estate Market. Regardless of this, it is in the fact that developing technologies are redesigning the face of the real estate industry.

By now every real estate activity has an online presence; The customer experience in real estate has been fragmented. In spite of recent developments such as the skill to search for properties online, the understanding from examining for buying a property can still be quite annoying for a buyer. In addition to smartphones and mobile apps, one of the latest technology evolution in Real Estate is the Internet of Things (IoT). Beacon technology is another facet of the IoT world. As a real estate proprietor, use beacons to make the purchasing process for a buyer much flatter in a number of ways.

Beacons are small wireless sensors that push info to smartphones through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which lets for micro-location marketing. As the name suggests, BLE uses significantly less power equated to previous Bluetooth technology and no extended drains phone batteries.

One of the main advantages of BLE beacons is the proximity marketing, which allows the Realtors to decide what notifications are sent to nearby mobile users. The concept of using Beacon technology is that they are proactive and initiate contact with the buyers instead of a buyer to search for tens of properties, continuous meetings, calls etc.

Beacons can gather vital information — information that has been lost up until now. With beacons, agents will really gain insights into a buyer's disconnected real estate buying experience. Managers will see if their customers watched the property information or else if they've deleted it after going to an open house, essential data to help be suitable a lead as well as action data on location. The customer is fulfilled, and the agent gains appreciated insights, a "win-win" as they give or take.

Benefits of Beacon Technology for Real Estate:

Broadcast property information

The easy manner to do that is to install beacons on 'for Sale' signs so that passersby can get information about the assets that he or she is in the area of. A bonus: you can allow this feature in a matter of minutes over a simple beacon movement. This will help home buyers to get more information about the homes they wish to buy and will permit Realtors to effortlessly broadcast information about their properties to particular buyers.

Allow automated check-ins into your property

The beacon positioned at the property's entrance can notice your real estate app and consequently prompt the relevant visitor to register via the app. This profits both sides of the buyer-seller communication; as a seller, you are now alert of all of the prospective buyers staying your property; as a

Proximity marketing real estate

buyer, visitors can have an improved experience through informational brochures and welcome messages sent throughout check-in. If you have precise agents for each property, they can be informed when there is a visitor on site and choose the next steps for that reason.

Guided property tours

Guided property is one of the beacons potential use cases in real estate. Realtors can offer buyers to access a virtual tour around the particular property when the interested buyer is at the property location. Without losing the useful information of a traditional property tour this will help the buyers to notice and view property at their own pace.

Other uses

By means of your app, you could send demanded documents such as applicable property papers that will help purchasers to make a choice then and there. You could also request visitors to share their response about the property in order to recognize buyer tastes better.

These are the methods beacons can be used in real estate, though they are just the start. Techware Solution, India offers Beacon Tech oriented apps.We offer you a basic platform that makes it easy for you to check BLE technology at your spaces instantly. Clients come to us with exact necessities for how the whole system should work within their business context. We are having the responsible team with proficiency in the Beacons space that can bring you with everything you want.

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