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14 AUG

How Beacons make Retail Store Smarter

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Retailers Using Beacon Technology

The use of smartphones has fully revolutionized the way of shoppers. In Order to improve the customer’s experience, to drive revenue and to increase the operational efficiency, retailers are now utilising the location based proximity marketing solution called Beacon Technology.

Beacons are a low-cost wireless network device that, retailers can attach anywhere in store to send out personalized content to consumers mobile devices as they shop. This emit a low energy Bluetooth signal, if a customer installed a beacon-enabled app, this gives the retailers a best opportunity to provide contextually relevant, significant messages, ads to engage customer and can send an alert for a special offer, or request and collect data from the customer.

Though the Beacon Technology has turned out to be a tremendous success in the Retail Industry. The Beacon also provides the ability to reward customers for location-based actions. The beacon technology in Retailers can also provide the invaluable data about the customers shopping habits. These data collected allows highly personalized and targeted offers, which will increase the loyalty.

Let's see why beacon technology is proving attractive for Retailers?

Potential beyond the store

A Beacon in the retail shop could be used to beam promotional information to the customers as they pass by. They could even be placed on anywhere like bus stops, stations to direct the customers towards the particular retail shop before they go anywhere near it.

Location-based offers and vouchers
In Store Beacon Mobile Advertising Technology

Customers always need real time promotions and offer, for a personalized shopping experience. Influencing customers with current offers and vouchers at the ‘moment of truth’ with the In-Store beacon advertising system is the best way to drive sales and to enhance the customer engagement.

In-store navigation

The In-store Navigation with beacons helps retailers by enabling customers to find what they came in shop to purchase before they walkout. This will increase customer loyalty by engaging customers and guiding them to the products and helping with purchase decision based on their in-store search and location.

Empowers customers to reap benefits through mobile payments

Beacons in Retails are there to deliver quick , safe and easy mobile-based proximity payment solution. This is a point-of-sale (POS) technology, to give retailers an imminent benefit and wide ranging applicability. Thus Beacon enabled app is the right way for retailers to drive footfall traffic back into stores and to increase the revenue.

Keep track of staff efficiency

The Beacons will send alerts to the staffs about any task, monitor how long they should take .The Beacon Technology helps retailer to monitor how often and for how long staff engage customers to improve customer service training and to track sales conversion rates. This can also has the potential to inform retailers with invaluable data collected by the Beacon Enabled app about their customers’ shopping habits , so staff can recognise and treat them accordingly.

With the aim to connect the digital and physical worlds through the use of innovative technology Techware Solution generated measurable results for Retail Industry.If you are interested in developing proximity marketing solution for your business, Techware Solution can be your trusted choice for expertise, experience, and acumen.Use beacons throughout your shop for in store advertising to enhance the shopping experience.

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