How Hotels and Resorts Improve the Guest Experience with Beacons

08 JAN

How Hotels and Resorts Improve the Guest Experience with Beacons

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 Beacon Technology for Hotels

The hospitality industry is in the middle of a great technological transition. Hotels and resorts that are capable of introducing new transformation to enhances guest experiences are expected to make huge growth and profitability now and in the future. Beacon technology is an intuitive technology solution for connecting guests via their phones and it is an ideal solution for hotels and resorts that are interested in improving their guest experiences while managing their budget at the same time.

Beacon technology has a huge potential to revolutionize customer experiences across various organizations, including retail, education, hospitals, manufacturing, productions, real estate, logistics, and events, to name a few. How about the beacon in hotel and hospitality sector? The digital food ordering system with beacon technology was already made a huge impact in the hospitality industry this year. In combination with beacon-enabled hotel app, hotels and resorts can make formalities like room service, staff contact, and in-room entertainment more interactive. Beacons are low-cost pieces of hardware which is attractive to hotels and resorts and have the ability to gain deep insights into guest behavior, intelligence, effectiveness, forecasting and staffing needs.

Here we will discuss more about how beacon technology adoption in hotels and resorts can deliver outstanding service while benefiting the bottom line?


You can save your guests from waiting in their check-in lines, especially after their long travel day. If your hotel or restaurants are equipped with beacons when a guest walks into the lobby and you can give a ‘check-in’ push notification on the beacon enabled hotel app of the guests. The push notification reveals the reservation info, confirmation request etc.

This makes the guest to avoid a long wait in the queue, searching for reservation number etc. The beacon-enabled app can easily retrieve their personal details from their booking time itself. As soon as when a guest walks into the lobby, within the range of the beacon that is placed, it will recognize each one and trigger a message to the app on their phone. This way you can give a great, hassle-free experience to your guests.

Hotel Mobile Check in App
Keyless entry into rooms:

After check in digitally, a digital room key can be activated on their smartphone via the beacon-enabled app. A beacon picks up the guest’s phone when in close proximity to the room, and unlocks the room door, giving them a keyless entry. Here it serves as a digital doorman that means no tipping required.

Indoor Navigation:

Because of the weak or unavailable signal problems, the GPS is not very effective in an "indoor setting". By a mobile wayfinding app with beacon technology, you can navigate the mobile user and interact with the specific internal regions geo-fenced. It can also direct them to their rooms or other indoor locations inside the premises of hotel or resort, such as restaurants, shops, meeting rooms, spas,other amenities.

Room service:

The hotel or resort guest room technology with a beacon in the room can aware that the guest is in the room. The app can keep track of the guest’s choice of cuisine and other preferences. It can give the guest to have a look at the menu on their smartphone and to watch the video of how the dish is prepared. Once he has made his decision, he can place the order room service right from his or her smartphone or tablet.

Offers and Loyalty Programs:

You can use beacons to show a broadcast of ‘location specific offers’ to your guests. It’s easy for you to customize your promotions to specific locations on the hotel or resort premise and send context-specific offers right to your guest’s smartphone. For example, you can offer a special discount for a beverage to a guest who is already at the bar with the beacon-enabled app. As we know, By providing the right offers, at the right place, and at the right time, a location-based mobile marketing can yield exceptionally sky-high conversation rates with surgical precision in ad targeting.

Upsell and Upgrade:

Leveraging beacons will allow you to catch them at the exact time and place that they’re most likely to want to pay for an upgrade and a better experience. You can also use beacons to offer guests options for room upgrades.


At the end of their stay, you can send a push notification- giving them an option to either extend their stay or to check out digitally. You can send the receipt and after they have confirmed the amount on the receipt, they can easily check out. This can avoid the need of stand in a queue or wait for a front-desk assistant to complete their checkout formalities. The whole process is seamless and hassle-free.

Hence, with the regards of growing user demands for high-tech conveniences in every asset of daily life, beacon technology can help hotels or resorts to stay relevant and profitable. Therefore, Beacon technology can help to lead hotel or resort operations in a more digitally focused direction for the future. Get in touch with us to know more about the potential applications of beacon technology, and how your business can leverage it.

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