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16 APR

Everything You Need to Know about Mobile Application Testing

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Now a mobile application is a key to the digital world an the world of mobile applications is overcrowded. If you are planning to develop a mobile app then it is great, but why your business needs a mobile app, how you are going to build it? What are the things to consider while developing a mobile app? These are some questions you must ask yourself before making a decision to develop a mobile app. Also, you should know that the quality of mobile apps should not be compromised due to the increasing numbers. In fact, you should ensure that your mobile app which is developed is useful, quality assured and easy to use. A mobile application testing is always used to ensure the quality of an app developed. But it is more complex and varies from testing a web app and traditional desktops.

Why Testing Your Mobile Application is Essential?

To make sure your mobile app is working correctly is always necessary. Here comes the need for a mobile app testing and quality control. By using professional testing, you can find the issues or errors before your customers have a chance to get dissatisfied with them, as well as design ways to fix them before the application is rolled-out. So, it is important to test a mobile app before launching it in the market.

Our Quality Assured Mobile App Testing Services

Functionality Testing

The most basic kind of testing for a mobile app. It makes sure that the basic functions of an app work as intended. This testing performs on the functional behavior of the mobile app to make sure that the app is working as per the requirements.

Performance Testing

It tests the app under specific conditions like low battery, poor network signal, and other factors that can interrupt the app’s functionality. The performance issues can be caused by two sides: the server and the client. So a performance testing checks both.

Mobile App Testing
Usability Testing

It makes ensure an application is convenient to use. A satisfactory user experience plays a major role in an app success.

Compatibility Testing

It resembles usability testing but it is more focused on the proper working of the app on different mobile devices with varying screen sizes and OS versions. It’s important to make ensure that the app meets all the requirements during this testing.

Security Testing

It is used to make ensure the app protects data. It is used to check whether the app is vulnerable to hacking and validates security standards for authentication, authorization, session management, and so on.

Memory leakage Testing

It is one of the bad issues of a mobile app testing which is used to verify an app’s performance to ensure that an app of the mobile device is using optimized memory for processing.

Regression testing

The "regression" exactly, means "going back" to a previous state of an application. A regression testing is done in order to verify the bugs and or errors that may exist in already built modules of the after making any changes.

Hence, you get an idea about a mobile app testing and this will definitely help you if you are planning to develop your mobile application and want it to last long. We Techware Software Solutions have an outstanding combination of highly skilled mobile app developers and testing teams with proven experience in testing tools and methodologies to offer you a wide range of testing solutions. Get in touch with us to know more about our mobile app testing services.

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