Digital Signage Software for Casinos and Gaming Centres

29 JAN

Digital Signage Software for Casinos and Gaming Centres

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Digital Signage for Casinos

The casinos are undergoing a period of tremendous change. From engaging customers to providing wayfinding solutions casinos are now using digital signage for their communication with guests and visitors. The signage can be placed virtually anywhere in a casino like in gaming floors, food and beverage operations etc. With an interactive casino digital signage software, your casino "maze layout” can be more manageable and helps the players to navigate easily to their preferred games or tables and help them to keep on the floor playing longer. If we compared casino digital signage with traditional billboards, the casino digital signage can be used for more than just sales and marketing. In this blog, we’ll discuss in detail about the benefits of using a digital signage in casinos.

Digital signage in a casino is beneficial for both the guests and the employees. From engaging customers to showing maps at interactive virtual concierge desks, a digital signage can be fabulously useful on the casino floor. Some of the benefits of casino digital signage are:

Optimize Wayfinding

Casinos have lots of cross points and interlocking paths. This is the biggest problem guests face when they visit a casino. So it's important to provide guests turn-by-turn instructions to their target destination based on their current position. Placing a digital signage for wayfinding allows guests to find their way without asking any staff for directions and reduce their frustration and allowing casino staff to focus more on their job. You can automatically update the real-time information of any events, game or amenity locations with a digital signage.

Hospitality Digital Signage

One of the best benefits of using digital signage in casinos is boosting sales and brand awareness. It is powerful to deliver the right message and a strong call to action, to get the attention of each guest within time and to encourage them to act. Casino digital signage is perfect for promotions because of its high-definition screens and crisp display command attention. Without going through a long design and printing process of traditional casino marketing and advertising strategies the digital signage increase revenue by promoting hotel amenities including spas, on-site restaurants, and shops.

Increase Engagement

Digital signage video walls are an excellent way to brighten up the casino floor and differentiate the space. It can also improve customer loyalty by making a unique brand experience. Interactive displays, like touch-screens and kiosks, can further increase guest engagement, which drives repeat visits.

Create Employee-Facing Solutions

A key advantage of casino digital signage is the convenience, it allows for communicating with staff. Communicate with your employees by

  • Sharing procedural changes
  • Encouraging messages or productivity measurements
  • Displaying info about upcoming events
  • Announcing anniversaries and birthdays
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Emergency messaging
  • Promoting training opportunities etc

Whether you operate a casino, digital signage software solution is the right option for your needs. Not only can this software engage and inform guests, they can be used to keep your employees informed too. Quick return on investment, happier employees, and more satisfied guests will be the result.

Where Casino Digital Signage can be placed:
  • Concierge areas
  • Table game areas
  • Slot toppers and end caps
  • Restaurants
  • Entrance and lobby spaces
  • Players club designated areas
  • Poker rooms
  • Meeting and conference areas

The best benefit of using casino digital signage is that it is smart, flexible, fully customizable and easy to change. You can easily modify your digital signage display for providing timely information and create custom content that perfectly matches your guests or visitors all while enhancing their experience.

If you are interested in knowing more about Digital Signage use or if you want to develop a digital signage for your casino get in touch with us.

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