Marketing and Advertising Digital Signage Software Solutions for Ad Companies

27 NOV

Digital Signage Software for Advertising Companies

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Digital Advertising Signage Solutions for Ad Network Operators

From retail to the healthcare every industry are now popping up with the Digital Signage. Digital signage advertising is the most effective tool in proximity marketing to deliver new, targeted messages to the consumers. But what is Digital Signage Advertising Network Software? And what makes it as a powerful tool, from other types of digital signage?Let’s check out.

Digital signage advertising software solution is a DOOH segment used in public venues such as shopping malls, retail chains, hospitals and public transportation like airports, railways etc. It can improve the customer’s experience by showing the entertaining and live content while running ad space business. According to an advertising network operators point of view, digital signage for outdoor advertising is a highly profitable venture. Not only does digital signage bring in more customers, but it also generates advertising income, a new revenue stream. By switching from static signage to interactive/touch screen advertising, ad sales can increase by a massive 1200%.

Advantages Of Digital Signage Advertising Software

Digital signage display advertising software solution offers significant advantages over the traditional print based advertising:

  • Digital displays get easily noticed and the rate of recall is measurably higher than with print media.
  • Eliminate printing and paper waste.
  • Viewers spend more time for looking at digital signage displays than printed signs. Therefore, it’s important to keep content fresh and interesting.
  • Ads delivered on digital displays receive more impact than ads delivered through printed signs. It also generate a consistent impression over a longer period.
  • Digital display advertising is better at promoting impulse purchases than traditional advertising methods. The larger recall rate will make the digital signage software more effective and efficient.
  • Digital displays can generate more sales lift than the traditional point of purchase methods. The difference is significant, and has been proven time and again.
Digital Signage Advantages

In addition to this, the main advantages of using open source digital signage software solution is that:

  • It can generate one contract and one invoice across all media by digital or other.
  • Keep track of the advertising network in real-time, at the click of your mouse.
  • Easy to update with minor upkeep and significant flexibility than static traditional signage.

Because of these benefits, more advertisers and brand owners are using the digital signage advertising software solution.

If you've not yet experienced the power of Digital Signage for your advertising company, give it a try. Techware Solution is a leading provider of marketing and advertising digital signage software solutions in retail, banking, education, entertainment, food service and other industries. We develop cloud based digital signage software solutions for interactive, dynamic, static, and queuing digital signage systems. To know more about our services, please get in touch with us today! Or mail us at [email protected].

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