Digital Signage Software Solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions

23 OCT

Digital Signage Software Solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions

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Lobby Digital Signage Software

One of the vast growing technology in this digital world is the Digital signage. It can be seen in supermarkets, Restaurants , Transportation centers, Shopping Malls, Hospitals and much more. It’s no wonder all industries have adopted the digital signs as their medium of communication. It is vibrant and has been proven to capture attention. But in this digital era, businesses need more than just an eye-catching display. Going digital to improve customer engagement through Digital Signage Software Solution is the next best step for all industries to thrive in a highly competitive market.

When it comes to the banking and financial sector digital signage solutions is a powerful tool to enhance in-branch customer experience. Many financial institutions are now realizing the value of the basic digital signage and are turning towards to use it. But still many of them don't know how digital signage is useful for banks and the financial industry.

Enhance in-branch experience

It's all about the customer experience, mainly now people are changing their personal financial habits. According to Forrester, the famous American market research company customer experience is a more powerful customer loyalty driver than price-value perception, specifically for banks and financial institution. Besides the attention grabbing graphics and text in traditional signs, digital signage is an easy way to engage your customers.

Queue Management

Digital signage for queue management allows customers to sit and relax while waiting for their number. Further, Banks can also avoid customer waiting time with digital signage by providing useful and relevant information. Which is always a good way to engage them.

Bank Digital Signage

The touch-screens with customer satisfaction polls, promotions and local information will give customers a chance to interact with the bank.

Reduce Print Marketing

Now print marketing is becoming a waste in virtually every aspect for banks. Digital signage has replaced the use of cardboard cutouts or paper brochures at teller windows. Banks and Financial Institutions can use digital signage for displaying unique content including time, weather and more. But one of the topmost advantages of digital signage for banks and financial institution is the ability to display customized relevant and branded messages across thousands of branches with a single software platform. This can even end up the saving banks money in printing and shipping costs.

Branding and Promotions

One of the best ways in which digital signage software solution adds value to the banking and financial sector is through promotions and brand continuity. Digital signage can also helps in promotional process by engaging the in-store customers all over different parts of the branch, like at the ATM, in the lobby etc. Lobby is the first place customers see when they enter. Here comes the use of bank lobby signage to engage and impress customers.

Easy Update

One of the major challenge faced by the bank is to constantly update their posters and banners to display the latest rates. Printing and distribution of banners/posters require high costs. These can be easily minimized with the Digital Signage. Which means Digital signage software is highly customizable and can be adjusted to fit each branch.

Self-help Interactive Kiosks

These days, many customers have already opted online banking than visiting the branch in person.This was greatly affected the retail banking sector, mainly to branch closures and changes in the way banks deliver services to their customers. Banks can offer touch-screen kiosks to customers to access their account details or browse other services offered by the bank. Further, Digital Signage in retail banking can also help bottom line by reducing staffing requirements and training costs. The interactive digital signage screens can also reduce the service time of staffs without affecting the quality of customer service.

Hence the benefits of digital signage in banks and financial sector are endless. Digital signage software in banks saves both time and money. It’s not just for the customer the bank employees in offices and branch locations can also benefit from digital signage. Digital Signage can be placed in common areas, lunch rooms and meeting rooms to further expand their use. Employee interaction digital signage displays can inform, entertain and motivate staff at every level of the organisation.

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