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06 NOV

Digital Signage Software Solutions for Arenas and Amusement Parks

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Stadium Digital Signage Software

It is significant to ensure that the stadiums and other sports venues are adopting new technology whenever there are beneficial changes. Sports venues and amusement parks are all about competition, both on and off the field. In order to stay current with the competition, you should need to invest in engaging digital signage platforms which drive value over time. The arrival of digital signage in the sports fields has made it more comfortable for the fans to enjoy the game; thus it also increase the number of fans. Managing huge crowds scatter over a wide area and along with that giving them a personalized and enjoyable experience is certainly a tall order. Digital signage can provide a dynamic solution to these problems.

For many sports venues and amusement parks, the digital signage implementation just not give them a new level of engagement and showmanship : It’s a huge revenue stream.

Here are some possible points of how digital signage become a big part of the strategy for fan engagement and marketing in stadiums and arenas.


Stadiums and amusements parks are usually in large spaces, and not all visitors can navigate around it easily. It is nearly impossible to have men on all place to direct all on that big crowd and money waste. Here comes the use of a Digital Signage. A digital Signage is a way to ensure people are placed in strategic and visible areas using wayfinding content. Keep your stadiums and amusement parks with Bluetooth Beacon technology and Digital signage to generate an outstanding experience for your followers and visitors.

Digital signage software for stadiums, sporting venues and arenas
Engage the fans

Digital signage is the best way to engage fans in your stadiums and amusement parks. How?

  • Ticketing Office: Ticketing means queuing. On their waiting time, digital signage placed at the in-office can display ticket prices, special promotions, package deals, or discounts etc.
  • Welcome and direct them to the seats with information by digital stadium signage without speaking a word to them.
  • Concessions: You can give your viewers fully digitized dining experience with digital signage by showing what is available now and where to find certain food, it's price information, offers etc for fans who are hungry and thirsty. This can also ease up the burden of concession staff and gear fans without missing a moment of the game.
Player and Personal Info

The interactive arena signage is not only for the fan experience. It can also use to improve the backend communication for the team players, coach and staffs. Digital signage can help to navigate the players or VIPs to avoid the confusion, it can also be used provide info about the bios of coaches, trainers or any other staffs.

Social Media Engagement

Digital signage can be used to show the social media feeds of the fans or visitors. This can be a great way to engage them. Hence digital signage is a flexible one so no need to worry about the troublemakers, you can update or filter the content on your screens remotely.

Streamline Marketing

One of the best advantages of Digital signage is it is easy to customize and update. This can avoid the printing cost and paper works. Digital signage at the stadiums, sports venues and amusement parks can be customized and updated to advertise special events, matches throughout the year with the help of a scalable digital signage software.

Generate Additional Revenue: Ad Space

You can increase your profit by selling advertising space on your digital signage displays. Large digital screens mean more eyes and more engagement with the content displayed. Stadium signage advertising not only brings additional revenue, it also engages audience or guests directly to their needs and interest.

Weather Forecasts

Digital signage is the perfect tool to inform and update the changing weather condition. It also serves as an important safety tool about the weather before it hits. In case of amusement parks, digital signage can inform the visitors and make sure them they can use the rides before rain puts a damper on the day.

In this way, digital signage for stadiums, sports venues and amusement parks is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to engage viewers and provide them with information and offers that will lead to increase revenue.

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