Digital Signage Software Solution for Gyms, Fitness Centre, and Clubs

22 JAN

Digital Signage Software Solution for Gyms, Fitness Centre and Clubs

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Digital Signage Software for Gyms, Sport Centers and Health Clubs

Why use digital signage at your Gym, Fitness Centre or Clubs? The answer is simple engagement and improving member retention. According to a study conducted by the healthcare charity Nuffield Health revealed that people on less than 27000 a year use the gym for an hour a week. That means over the last few years, fitness centers have boomed. But how healthy is your fitness business? If you are having a gym or fitness business and your members are not valuing your service at the level you hoped, then you should focus on finding new opportunities to increase this value. How can you do this? You need to adopt developing technology to motivate members and keep them coming back. Digital Signage is the right technology to reach your customers at their various stages of the journey, assisting with good advertising, communication, and entertainment.

Here we will discuss some of the key benefits of the Gym or Fitness Centre or Club Digital Signage Solution :

Improve Member Retention

Apart from a flat screen or TV, a digital signage solution is more eye-catching and you get to handpick your adverts for your customers. Adverts help cross-sell other advantages and benefits of your gym or club facilities like your audience may not even be aware of. This will also allow you to create digital menu boards of cafeteria, food or products available to purchase in your club, space hire, local business news and even sponsored content from brands to generate an additional income for your business. And also advertising to existing members, digital signage could aid your business in attracting new joiners. You can also showcase your centers best features at the front entrance or lobby of your gym or club. This will impress and immediately capture the visitor or guest attention. You can also,

Fitness Center Digital Signage
  • Promote your services e.g. Pilates or Spin classes.
  • Showcase health and well-being tips.
  • Promote offers or loyalty programs.
  • Reinforce safety rules.
  • Stream instructional and training videos.

The best way to maintain a positive relationship with existing or new members and to retain them is to communicate well. Gym Digital signage solutions can provide an easy way to personalize your customer experience. For example broadcast the personalized messages for events like birthdays, or perhaps someone’s recent achievement etc. This will make your customers feel special and to continue their membership for a valued part of your fitness center community. You can also use digital signage software solution to spread awareness of news and important messages.


Rather than using TV, for entertainment purposes use digital signage to share the daily workouts like short video demonstrations and give them new ideas and get them engaging further with the brand. If you are struggling with providing a sufficient number of classes to your customer you can use Digital Display Signage in your Club.

Save cost and staff time

You can reduce the staff time spent on orientation easily with a digital signage. The wayfinding with a Fitness Center Digital Signage Displays allows you to run on your schedule, whether that changes each day, each week, or once a year and give new joiners the power to find their own way. For example, for informing the last minute class changes digital signages placed on your fitness center wall is useful for your customers.

The above are just some ways in which a digital signage software solution can benefit your fitness center business. If you’re looking for ways to improve your member experience and to modernize you fitness center get in touch with us.

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