Digital Signage Software Solutions for Employee Communications in Corporates

20 NOV

Digital Signage Software Solution for Corporate Communication

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Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

Today one of the main challenge faced by the corporates are "employee engagement". Based on studies conducted over the recent years, it has been revealed that companies with an engaged workforce are more productive and more profitable. Digital signage for companies can help you engage your workforce for this success.

Did you ever thought about a possibility of implementing a global communication method to connect all your employees? What about a unique platform to attract their eyes and nurture a better culture? Yes, the Digital Signage can do this.

Now many organizations are making use of digital signage for corporate communication to replace their posters, banners and other hard copy notices located in their lobbies and communal areas. From welcoming guests in the lobby to informing employees in restrooms, factory lines and even on their desktop a Digital Signage can communicate effectively beyond all touch points throughout the corporate campus. Digital Signage is also proved to be an effective tool to provide information to workforces distributed across multiple locations. This can simply create a cohesive work environment.

Corporate Digital Signage Software
Let's check out what are the benefits of digital signage in corporate communications

The digital screens can be placed at the busiest parts of the office, such as the pantries, the elevators or the general office area. This will help to ensure that any corporate communication is absorbed and retained by staffs. The workplace Digital Signage can be used to engage staff in a variety of ways, for example motivating a sales team by showing incentives or highlighting business wins and information about a new product.

Employees are also expected to maintain a healthy work/life in this modern working environment. From this perspective, Digital Signage can be used to display the health and safety tips to the employees. The Digital Signage can also use to encourage social events, like advertising the next staff meal or night out, or the next group event, such as training or trips etc.

Digital signage can also encourage social participation, such as informing employees to write internal newsletters or publications, making them to get involved with activities where they feel valued, their voices are being heard, and they are directly contributing to the corporate communication.

In addition to this digital signage can also manage employee training by displaying employee training videos and demonstrating new procedures. This also improves the communication between HR and employees by empowering employees through education.

The Digital Signage is a powerful tool to control corporate branding and messaging from a central location to different departments or even individuals. Companies can also use digital signage software solution to publicly recognize workers’ performance and milestones. This stimulates a good work environment and boosts employees morale. Besides that, digital signage systems keep employees aware of updated information such as new hires, company policies, live news feeds and updates from various departments. Digital Signage internal communication is a great tool for companies to create a strong corporate culture. Corporate Digital signage software is also really useful for keeping track of production, sales and internal analytics.

With all of these benefits, Digital Signage for corporate communications is now easier than ever to raise employee engagement levels and communications. A workforce that is engaged means higher productivity and better result, this turn to a positive return on investment. So a Digital Signage for Corporate Communication can assure this.

There are some key strategies to ensure your Digital Signage is in the most visible spaces No matter what kind of Digital Signage displays you choose, the placing Digital Signage is the key to success.

1. Conference Rooms

Instead of making conference room idle when no one is presenting then use Digital Signage their to communicate and encourage collaboration. Displaying graphics and videos with motivating quotes can make your team sessions more creative. The live dashboards and graphs during the meetings can keep everyone informed.

2. Breakroom

Employees spend an extended amount of their free time in the pantries and break room areas. Use your Digital Signage displays here to announce the upcoming event or any other important company-wide announcements.

3. Manufacturing Lines

If an employee is working in demanding conditions like a large plant or on manufacturing lines, they are not able to check email frequently. Digital Signage displays placed in these areas will keep them informed and engaged in what’s going on in the company. In addition, this can also helpful to show safety regulations and reminders for them to take precautions at all times.

4. Elevators

Keep your employees on the cusp of trends and news by placing your Digital Signage in or near the office elevators. Run the content from top blogs or from your own company blog. When employees get into the elevator to begin work or head out on the way home, you can use their extended amount of time to engage with the current headlines.

5. Building lobbies

Lobbies are the perfect high-traffic area to place Digital Signage. Not only to the employees engagement but also for the visitors to your venue can experience. Enable live social media feeds for your company and encourage engagement from both your guests and employees.

Always be sure to target high traffic areas and position for placing Digital Signage f to get the best results.

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