Smart Ways to Use Beacon Technology in Education

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Beacons for Smart Education

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 Beacons in Classrooms

Innovation in the smartphones and digital technology space is making a marked impact on education. Industries like Retail has led the way with utilizing beacons to engage their customers while shopping inside their stores. It’s not unexpected that Beacons are used in education to progress the student personalized learning experience. The beacon technology in education can enhance the classroom presence, access to the houses, give more personalized learning experience, optimization of campus strategy and help to pathway students in case of difficulties.

Beacon technology can empower the chance to offer students a more custom-made experience when it comes to education. This makes it possible to send personalized content to student’s devices all over the day and sanctions student to work on their specific speed. At the same time, it also helps lecturers to work more thoroughly with individuals. Lectures can use this beacons in classroom to send tailored information to students at the correct places on campus. The information can be safety announcements, the time off of a teacher, a timetable or classroom location change, etc.

Hence Beacon technology offers an endless creative possibility for education industry to enhance students experience.

Easy Navigation in Campus

Beacons in the educational sector can provide a multi-level mapping system with an array of navigational opportunities. This gives students the ability to experience the school or campus in a new and interesting way as well as making their lives a lot easier. Large campuses benefit greatly from navigation app using beacons. The technology can also be used to create self-guided tours. With this benefit, the potential students can visit the campus at the blocked hours and get information on their own time without scheduling a tour with the administration.

Beacons can also distribute students with on-the-spot data about shuttle bus stop places. This allows campuses to monitor the traffic patterns of their students and faculty. With this data campus can create a more efficient campus experience, eliminating bottlenecks improves scheduling and leading to overall better campus design.

 Use of Beacon Technology in Education
Explore Library

Beacons can provide an exact view of the library so,students can then easily find their searching book and get notified of further information relevant to their research topics. It can also send notification to the members when they enter the library. Such notifications can include availability of requested books, books due for renewal, overdue books and any other relevant notifications.

Better Accessibility

Enhancing accessibility for visually challenged and differently abled students and faculties to improve their safety and well-being in a very fluid manner.

Powerful Communication

With the beacons, campuses can send targeted messages triggered by location and target specific user such as enrolled students, alumni, professors etc. This can also use to send notifications to each student about on-campus events happening near them such as a guest speaker, committee meeting, or a sporting event to make more powerful communication.

Improved In-Class Experiences

Another use of beacon technology in education is to improve the in-class experience. Rather than counting the faculties can use check-ins with beacon technology to take attendance. In addition to this lectures can create a more interactive learning environment or workshop by placing beacons around the room or lab. Beacons can also solves the internet connectivity problem faced by the school and college by enabling the sharing of valuable content to a specific group.

Security and Emergency aware

It is beneficial for both faculty and the school or college authorities to know student location. Beacons can notify the campus administrators of the accurate location of the students during the campus emergencies. It can also be used to instruct students, faculties and supporting staffs on where to go or not for example administrator get notification when a security breach happens from a student, faculty or non staff members entered into a prohibited area. This can set a new standard in student safety.

As you can realize, the alternatives for the use of Beacons in the education area are quite different. Techware Solution provides the beacon based apps for Education Sector. We offer location based software applications with the desired cost and give full-fledged services. As it can be of the advantage of both students and the school and colleges in overall. We provide services to a range of industries and we are proven in providing custom software development solutions to a large portfolio of customers across the globe.

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