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12 FEB

Beacon Technology in Airports

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Smart Airport Technology

In today's age of the connected traveler, most of the passengers rely on their mobile phones is fuelling the growth of smart airports. It's been estimated around 90 percent of all smartphones today is Bluetooth enabled. So airports and airline operators can connect with passengers through their smartphones. But how? Beacon the small Bluetooth low energy device coupled with connected smartphones at airports can enhance the overall experience of the passenger as a means of interpreting, predicting and serving their needs. Right now only around 9% of airport use this smart airport technology, largely as a means of informing passengers of details such as boarding gates and flight times.

Here we will discuss how to leverage the benefits of beacon technology to deliver enhanced passenger experiences and improve operational efficiency.

Real-Time Updates

With a beacon-enabled mobile app, you can deliver real-time information to the passenger. You can also give announcements based on their language about Boarding, Door closure, Safety demonstration, Luggage Tracking, Take-off/ascent.

For example, if there any changes in the flight gate you can inform them with beacon by showing the new gate information to their phone in real time.

Indoor Navigation

When a traveler arrives at the airport the beacon-enabled airport navigation map will give directions from the parking lot to the terminal, Security Check-Ins and also give turn-by-turn navigation to Gates, Helpdesk, Restaurants, shops, ATMs, Exit and other amenities.

Airport Indoor Navigation App

For example, if a passenger lands with two hours before his connecting flight takes off, with an airport indoor navigation app you can send the details instantly about where he is, where he needs to go for his next flight and the fastest way to get to that place, where is the amenities etc.

Indoor Online Shopping and Dining

Beacon also play a valuable role in dining and retail sections at the airport. It allows the airport retailers an opportunity to send notifications when people comes to their location. This will encourage them to visit the shop as well as additional incentives to promote airport shops.

For example, when a passenger arrives the airport 30 minutes before his/her check-in time. From the arrival time onwards shoppers can send the notifications to their phone about the current offers, special menus etc. This makes easier for passengers to plan out their stops and builds passenger loyalty. Most importantly this will make non-aeronautical revenue to the airports.

Improve Operational Efficiency

In addition to this, all advantages beacon will help airports to track the employees. For example, if any passenger gets any problem with beacon you can send the notification to the employee who is near where the problem is. By this, you can give a quick response to the passenger's problems. More than this beacon helps you to detect the employee or passenger who tries to enter the area that they are not supposed to. This will help you to ensure proper security.

Other than this the main benefits of beacon technology for the airports are,

Flight management

1. Flight Booking

  • Domestic flight
  • International flight
  • Cancellation of ticket

2. Flight Schedule

  • Frequent flights offers & deals
  • Flight inquiry
  • Flight Status
Transportation management

1. Airport Taxi services

2. Car rental services

3. Parking availability

4. Airport Shuttle service

Airport beacon technology not only improves the passenger experience but also helps airports to strengthen efficiency, organization and most importantly increase the profitability. So if you think this smart airport solution can redefine airport experience get in touch with us.

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