Beacon Apps Development Company for Theme and Amusement Parks

26 MAR

Beacon Apps For Zoos And Theme Parks

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Beacon Apps Development Company for Theme parks

Make your visitors surprised when next time they visit your zoo or theme park and are greeted not by a human but by a technology and during the whole tour they don’t even come across the human interference neither to gain information about an animal nor to locate new ride, friends etc. A thrilling experience, isn’t it? Yes, use beacon technology to escalate your visitor experience and improve their interaction level. There is a lot of cool things that you can do with a proximity beacon in your Theme park or Zoo, like track visitors movements, promote food sales and any other thing sold within the Theme Park or Zoo etc. If you are trying to build a direct relationship with your visitors for long. Beacons engaging mobile app is the best choice for you.

So let’s see in detail how beacons are useful in your Theme Park or Zoos to create fun, interactive experience for your visitors

1. Make your visitors more interactive

While at a zoo or Theme Park, voice guides are outdated. In this world of mobile technology, beacons are the new friendly superhero. By integrating beacon app into their smartphone you can give an enhanced experience to them in terms of information sharing. With this beacon-enabled mobile app, the visitors can know about the habitat as well as other relevant details with images and videos of each species. You could also direct them to a video on the origins of the animal and how it lives in the wild. This will make them trigger contextual content based on the location of the device.

Beacon Apps Development Company for Theme parks
2. Hassle Free Parking

With beacon, you can send the notification to your visitors when they reach the entrance itself. In this way, you can direct them to the space available for parking.It will help them to save their time for looking for new parking space and avoid wasting time for searching their parked vehicle. Not only that, the security personnel will also be able to remotely identify the vehicle owners easily in case of an emergency.

3. Make them plan their visit with Navigation

Today almost all the Theme Parks and Zoos are quite big and are easy to get lost in. So visitors get confused where to go first. Map signs are very useful but they can't be everywhere and aren't much good once they walk away from the sign. Instead of going to the first ride or section in the Theme Park or Zoo, visitors can easily plan their rides or places they want to go by their choice on the virtual map of your Theme Park or Zoo. Linking update notifications about nearby attractions helps visitors get the most out of their visit and minimizes missed opportunities. This will also help the security staffs get alerts about places of rush and they can keep an eye on places prone to security breaches.

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4. Engage them with rewards

Engaging the visitors with fun games, hunting etc is common at every Theme Park or Zoo. You can increase the engagement by making visitors follow the hints on their phone itself by a beacon enable app and make them find the treasures You can also reward them for making them more engaged the rewards can range from coupons to merchandise. This is beneficial for you and the visitors.

5. Keep a tap on the closed ones

It’s very difficult for parents or teachers to manage kids and students at Theme Park or Zoo and they didn't even get an opportunity to enjoy their time. You can provide your visitors with a wearable wrist-bands to keep a track of their loved ones even while they sit and relax. The beacon will help them to set a range up to where the kids can move around and once they cross it, they will get alerts on their app instantly. This will help them to identify their loved ones current location and also locating them easily on the virtual map.

6. Easy purchases and upgrades

It’s a burden for all visitors to collect the photo of them on the ride, it requires them to wait in a long queue. With a beacon-enabled app, you can easily avoid this situation. All you need to do is place the beacon near to the place at the exit of the ride and make them choose and pay for it to have a digital copy sent to them on their smartphone. Not only this, the visitors also face this same problem during the stay or pay for a meal at Theme Parks. With the beacon-enabled app, you can give notifications for relevant upgrades and they can even check the lunch menu and save a seat for themselves.

7. Support for the differently-abled

With beacons, you can give special services for the differently abled. The virtual map with beacon could be either visible or heard by ones who are challenged. This will be helpful for your visitors with motion disabilities, hearing difficulties, visually challenged to get additional information based on their needs, thus ensuring that they can navigate with ease.

Thus, by using beacon technology, you can enhance your visitor experience and easily collect reviews about their experience that helps you to improve your existing services and facilities.

As you can see, there are many benefits in using beacon technology in your Theme Park or Zoo. The only question left to ask if you’re having Theme Park or Zoo, “if you aren’t using beacon technology to enhance your visitor’s experience, what are you waiting for?” Contact us.

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