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Automate Your Office and Home with Beacon Technology

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Smart Home and Office Automation

Early Beacons have only been rolled out in places like restaurants, hotels, airports, museums, and retail outlets in malls for achieving objectives varying from user movement tracking to event management. But now Beacon technology is being used in the home to bring low-cost smart home infrastructure to the masses. This can also directly applicable to an office environment to reach max productivity, efficiency, and cost savings.

So what else can beacons do in the office and Home? Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons are operated by battery and can be placed any target area and emit signals. Making a Smart Office or Home is not that expensive as you thought. Beacons allow consumers to create "smart home or office" by enabling a mechanism which controls all through their smartphones with an all in one smartphone app.

Companies wanting to grasp max efficiency, competence, and cost savings want to look for ways to know where their employees are so they can be ahead of the employee's needs. Business services can also influence beacon technology as part of their technology plan. Using tablets and phones to achieve traditional "clipboard" tasks rises compliance and cuts costs. Leveraging location and wearables, industrialized sites can diminish the time employees take to widespread tasks and upsurge the protection those tasks.

For example, beacons placed at offices can identify the employees as soon as they walk into a room and then authorizes them to enter and then customize its light and climate settings to their particular preferences. In the case of home suppose if a consumer walk into the living room it buttons on the lights as you come in and turns on the television with the latest episode of the series you're watching.

Let's take a look at why iBeacon technology is picture-perfect for home or office automation.

1) To create a 'smart' home and Office :

The beacon hardware placed in and around the home will make a notification to inform you that the lights and fans at homes are still on when you leave home. The beacon based smart home automation apps can ensure your house reacts to your presence. The Beacons used in the office are being used to simplify the check-in process for each employee.

2) For convenience

Beacons can enable any device at your Home or Office to turn on or off based on your micro-location, whether you're there or not. For a convenience example, you can use the beacon technology to send reminders when you are forgotten to close the refrigerator, as soon as you enter the kitchen. In the office, Beacon is a perfect help guide for you all the way from the lobby to the meeting area.

Smart Home App
3) To protect energy and decrease costs

Beacons are lightweight BLE transmitters that can easily turn a home and office to "smart" with affordable price. This small beacon device can make your lives at home and office easier and more enjoyable with low-cost hardware installation and infrastructure.

4) For security

Beacons at homes allow security by monitoring home and by controlling the door locks. If you forgot to lock the door beacons will automatically lock and unlock when you are at the main entrance. Beacons can also give alerts when there occurs any fire or smoke. This can also detect the presence of people in the house. In the office, the employee privacy is an important matter for both the employees and employers, so here beacon can help you to do micro locating.

5) To personalise your space

Beacon technology will experience you a comfortable living experience by examining users behavioural patterns. For example like favourite music genre, favourite series in television etc as per user's wish. For a large office space beacons guide employee or guest to specific rooms if they are tricky to navigate.

6) Easy installation

The beacons do not require any technical skill for installation. Anyone can simply install it in a home or office without a creator's help.

The coming beacon uprising is all about changing consumer and corporate know-hows making them more special, more actual. Users regain a wisdom of place, letting them feel more promised and friendlier to the physical space. The net result of a good beacon approach is a win for the industry and a win for the operator.

Techware Solution has to change your "dumb homes and offices" with android or iphone home automation app into smart places without the necessity for splitting up walls to install expensive infrastructure. We have the advantage of significantly cutting your energy bills. So hurry up to experience the change in your life! Get expert advice today itself.

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