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16 JUN

App Store Connect Update - Addition of Arabic and Hebrew languages

Posted by Sumeera

mobile app localization company in India

The wait is finally over. Apple Store Connect has officially announced the addition of Arabic and Hebrew languages. Now you can easily perform App localization to your apps in Arabic and Hebrew languages. The addition of Arabic and Hebrew languages comes along with the iOS 13 Update. It’s a smart move made by Apple, considering the increase in brand desirability for Apple products in Eastern Countries.

What is App localization?

App localization is the method undertaken towards adapting an application and translating it into local languages, for wider reach. With localization, you can easily optimize your apps for other languages and increase their searchability. localization comes really handy while dealing with Right-to-Left languages like Arabic.

localization is the best way to reach out to a global audience. It is a great method to get highlighted in the App Store listing for its linguistic adaptability. You can stay ahead of your competitors, by providing the users with the comfort of using their native languages.

The Latest App Store Connect Update

Now the apps can be easily localised for Arabic and Hebrew languages. This opens a great window for SEOs for App Store Optimisation( ASO).

With the inclusion of Arabic, apps can be localised in Algeria, Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mauritania, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, UAE and Yemen. Hebrew can be used for localization of apps in Israel.

Earlier, separate apps were used for the Arabic Market. But with the new update, Arabic and Hebrew locales could be included within the same app. The metadata of the app can be easily localised with Arabic and Hebrew languages. This a great opportunity to expand the number of keywords used for optimisation and localise the applications for the users in Arab countries.

Is App localization Essential?
importance and benefits of mobile app localization

App localization is an integral part of Mobile App Marketing. It increases the number of User-Engagement with your app. Each user will be more comfortable with their language and dialect, to grasp an idea more deeply. By localizing your app, you can deliver the message the right way, without losing its essence.

Localization doesn’t stop with language. For more global interactions, changes must be performed in formats of date, time, currency and so on. With localization, the users will feel more connected to the app.

Localization is vital for better ROI of your apps. If you wish to fasten the app localization process, we could help you. We at Techware, provide the Best App localization Services in India. Along with localization services, Mobile app marketing, We are one of the premier iOS application Development Company based in India. We make sure that the idea you intend for the app is well preserved, throughout the process.

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