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13 NOV

All You Need to Know about Internet of Things (IOT)

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What Is IoT?

Internet of Things (IoT) is a group of connected physical objects that are accessible through the internet. It is one of the hypes in today's technological world. From small chips to large machines IoT consists of billions of smart devices. The communication or connection will be between people-people, people-objects and objects and objects. These are connected and communicated each other via various modes of communication like WiFi, Bluetooth, iBeacon, Zigbee Wireless, NFC. Commonly, the mobile phones are used as the bridge between the devices to communicate to the internet. Hence, we can control the device and access the data collected by these devices from anywhere by using a mobile app or mobile browser.

Why IoT?

  • Connected devices and decreased manpower
  • To grab new business opportunities
  • Enhanced Asset Utilization
  • Delight your customers
  • Enhance efficiency
  • Let your devices talk
  • Enhanced employee productivity
  • Use technology to reach more targeted users
  • Simplified business operations
  • Utilize the power of technology to solve the complex problem
  • To stay ahead of competition

How IoT Works?


Sensors can be in the form of motion sensors, door locks or light bulbs etc. This is used to sense the climate change or to detect which areas in a showroom are the most popular, and where customers spend more time.

IoT Gateways

It is a kind of solution which connects the devices to the internet through various communication modes like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart, Wi-Fi, iBeacon, NFC, RFID, and Zigbee Wireless etc. This set-up also perform various critical functions like device connectivity, protocol translation, data filtering and processing, security, updating, management and more.

Cloud Server and Big Data

By using Big Data analytics engine the data transmitted through the gateway such as device id and current status of the device will be stored securely and processed within the cloud server. Then this processed data is used to carry out smart actions that make all the devices 'Smart Devices'.

IoT Mobile App

In order to monitor and control the device activities anywhere, anytime the admin is using the IoT mobile app. It will help the admin to send commands to the smart devices which make them to perform the required action.

The cloud will share the related request to the appropriate sensor network by gateways when identifying the device. Then the sensor network will then process the request and reply back to the cloud. Finally, the cloud will find the user who requested the data and pushes the data to the app.

Industries Leading the IoT Revolution

IOT Industries

Which are the Technologies we Use to Develop IoT Mobile App?

We have solid experience in various IoT application development platforms.


Mainly, the Bluetooth make a way to exchange data between wireless entities in a revolutionary fashion.

Bluetooth Low Energy/Bluetooth Smart

Like classic Bluetooth the Bluetooth smart uses 2.4GHz radio frequency & one radio antenna can be shared by dual-mode devices. A manufacturer can optimize range to 200 feet and beyond with Bluetooth smart, mostly in home automation applications where longer range is required.

Bluetooth Smart features
  • Less power consumption
  • Reduced implementation cost
  • Enhanced range
  • Multi-vendor interoperability

Beacon is a small Bluetooth radio transmitter which sends radio signals uninterruptedly. The beacon enabled mobile apps detect the signal from the beacon via BLE technology and calculate roughly the distance to the beacon and hence estimate the location and help in indoor positioning.

Why Techware Solution for IoT

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